Self-Stitched 2011 Challenge

Day 1–9/1/11–Black A-line skirt.

Self-stitched challenge day 1     Started this challenge off with a basic black A-line skirt.  Skirt is lined. Topped it off w/ a beige blouse (purchased).  Together they made a pretty nifty office ensemble.

Here is my outfit from Day 2–Friday, 9/2/11.  It is a multi-colored paisley print shift.  This is a shirt collared, capped sleeve outfit.  Pull over shift has bust and waist darts.  A dear friend from Indonesia gave this fabric to me.  Everytime I wear it I think of her.

Day 3Saturday, 9/3/11—-Peasant-style green blouse.     Made from a single knit fabric.

Elastic neckline and flared sleeves.                                 Day 4Sunday, 9/4/11–Did not wear a self-stitched article of clothing.  This was a play day so I spent the day in shorts and a tee.  Added a handmade brooch created from a fancy cameo coat button.  See picture below.

     Day 5–Monday–9/5/11–Labor Day—–no self-stitched outfit.  Just a play day

Day 6Tuesday, 9/6/11        Wore the peach eyelet skirt made for the National Sewing Month contest.  Paired it with an orange knit top.                    Day 7–Wednesday, 9/7/11—– peach crocheted top with matching camisole.  Crochet pattern is an open vee pattern.  Wore it with a cream cropped pants and a coral two strand necklace.

Day 8–Thursday, 9/8/11.  Wore an outfit that I have previously posted.  A copper & black print jersey blouse with flared sleeves.             Day 9–Friday, 9/9/11.     Sleeveless raw silk sheath.  Princess cut style with a back zip.

Day 10–Monday, 9/12/11–After my catnapping over the weekend I am back to the SSS challenge.  Monday starts off with a coral and burgundy polyester-cotton Hawaiian print A-line, short-sleeved simple shift.  This dress has both bust and waist darts.  There are two tucks at the neckline.        Day 11, Tuesday–9/13/11–    Today’s piece is a hand made top, but, not one that I made. Don’t know if it counts, however, I love the embroidery and wanted to share the technique.    Day 12, Wednesday 9/14/11–Decided that it would be nice to wear one of my crochet tops.  So, it was back into the closet and there it was–my rust crocheted top.  Since I used an open stitch, I made a camisole to wear with it.       As you can see, I paired it w/ a black pair of slacks and a red coral necklace.

Day 13, Thursday, 9/15/11–Went for a different look today.  It’s back to a skirt and top.  The skirt is a sage colored pencil skirt made from a twill.  The blouse is a gray floral jersey knit top.  This top was one I made earlier this year which I did not like the fit so I altered the neckline.  To take up the excess ease, I added a series of tucks.  Pairing it with this sage skirt made it quite a nice outfit.  What do you think?        

Day 14, Friday, 9/16/11– Toyed with the idea of wearing this outfit as two separate pieces.  This was it how it was created.  First the blouse was sewn.  Then, with the extra fabric, the decision was made to make a tube skirt.  In the past,

Orange two piece

I’ve worn them as two separate outfits.  Decided for this day, I would put them together.  At first glance, it looks like a simple shift.  On closer inspection, you can see its a two piece.  Not bad way to stretch a wardrobe!  What do you think?

Day 15, Saturday, 9/17/11 and Day 16; Sunday, 9/18/11–Since these are not work days and I’m trying to just relax and spend time w/ family I will be in jeans and tees or shorts and a tee. No articles of clothing that meets the criteria of SSS.  Stay tune for continuation of SSS challenge with Monday’s outfit.

Day 17, Monday, 9/19/11—–Wore one of my tube skirts, that was previously shared on another post.         Day 18, Tuesday, 9/20/11.  The self-stitched project I chose to wear today is a green knit  top.  It has a scoop neckline w/ flared sleeves.  The sleeves are a double sleeve so they are two layers.      Day 19, Wednesday, 9/21/11—  The blouse selected for today’s self-stitched project was the multi-print rayon, sleeveless, mandarin-collared top.  I partnered it with a sage green linen pair of capris.  Of course, footwear had to match so I selected a green slide.         Here’s the top (prevously photographed).

Day 20, Thursday, 9/22/11–Today’s outfit is a cheery casual top.  Not too casual, though, as it definitely fit into the wardrobe of this elementary school prinicpal.    Did the color scheme get you?

Day 21, Friday, 9/23/11–   I wanted to share something different on Friday.  Fridays in Hawaii is known as Aloha Friday which means that we can wear more casual attire using Hawaiian print.  I work at an elementary school and we have tee shirts as our school shirts.  Usually, Wednesdays are devoted to school shirt day.  So everyone in the school wears tee-shirts on Wednesdays.  So, when I whipped up this outfit it was to meet the demands of these two days.  I took the adult version of our school shirt and converted it into a dress (far more appropriate as work attire for the prinicpal).  It took me a while to find a Hawaiian print to match (perservance and diligence helped in the hunt). I wanted the fabric to match the band going across the chest of the tee shirt.   I added a skirt to the bottom and a hem to the sleeves.  I removed the ribbing from the neckline and added a mandarin color.  Presto!  Transformation occurred.  Now, I have an outfit for either School Shirt Wednesday or Aloha Friday.        Not, too, bad!

Days 22 and 23–9/24 and 9/25, 2011–Weekend–Play clothes.   Day 24–Monday, 9/26/11  time to wear something from the beginning of the month.  Ran out of new outfits.  Lined sleeveless a-line dress is very comfortable.  Day was a little chilly (imagine in tropical Hawaii) so I added a single knit mint green jacket.  Jacket not included in as it is not a handmade item.  Days 24 and 25–9/27 and 9/28–include jewelry that I made as part of this challenge.    This one I wore on Tuesday.  I have a fondness for multiple strands of beads.  I think it helps to off balance my silhouette.  It definetly calls the attention upward and away from the hips.  Did not bead this.  I combined two purchased pieces together to make a new piece.    All you need is a good pair of pliers and a couple of chain links.  I take apart one necklace so that I have the beads separately and then attach them to make my new piece.  Here is a picture of how I connect them.        On Wednesday, I wore this one.    For this second piece, I followed the same process.  Here’s how I connected the two.          Day 29–Thursday, 9/29/11–Not feeling well (stood home) lounged in play clothes.

Day 30–Friday, 9/30/11–Saved this piece for the last.     This one was made a while ago but I saved it for last.  As you can see the yoke is bright orange crochet piece.  There is a crocheted drawstring effect on the neckline.  The body of the dress is peach eyelet.  It has a ruffled bottom and is trimmed with an orange satin ribbon.  Here is a close up of the yoke. 

I can’t believe I was able to complete this challenge.  I did have to stretch to accomplish it.  Feels good.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Morgan Sin
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 02:27:57

    Isn’t it fun getting though the old clothes isn’t it? 🙂 I even went down to the garage and had a look at what I had there. How long did it take you to make the crochet top? I’m daunted by the idea because I think it will take such a long time! I also love the sashiko embroidery, it looks so elegantly simple I’ll have to give it a try.


  2. lavasista
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 17:43:06

    Her crochet tops are perfection!! I have seen them in real life!! Gorgeous and perfectly woven!!
    LOVE the mandarin collar blouse, and the shifts!! So fun to see the daily ideas!!
    Sooo Inspiring!


  3. janelleglamknits
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 16:44:18

    You are very talented. My favorite is Day 18. I love the colors and those little symbols remind me of New Orleans.


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