In the beginning…

Can all our dreams come true?  If you are like me you have several dreams.  Starting and developing my own sewing business is a dream I’ve had since I was a teenager.  I was a teenager in the sixties and seventies where fashion was fun, vibrant and exciting.  Like most of my friends, our family survived on a very tight budget.  At first learning to sew was a way to help my family.  Sewing later became a venue to help me express myself.  In high school I wanted to own my own sewing business, however, my practical side won and I chose another career path.  My career path has taken several curves–business, legal assistant, teacher and principal.  Despite the choices made, my love for sewing continued.  I have save much on the cost of my wardrobe while declaring my fashion independence.  My fashion sytle is a bit traditional with the exception of color.  I naturally drift toward autumn colors.  They make me feel vibrant and alive.

Now that retirement is on the horizon, I find myself drifting back to my childhood dream of owning a business.  It only seems natural that my thoughts drift toward a small sewing business.  After much prayer and reflection, I do not think I want to venture down that path of entreprenuership.

Currently, what calls to me is the desire just be creative in the mediums I work at (embroidery, crocheting, knitting, quilting and sewing). I want to help others and make their lives enjoyable. It seems natural that I should combine these two. If my finish projects can make others happy then I’m happy.

So, in the beginning, a blog is the venue I’m exploring to plot out this journey. Now, I have a venue to share the outcomes of my talents and enjoy connecting to other sewists.

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