Recliner Makeover

Decided it was time to go through my fabric stash to find a piece that I could use to whip up a new cover for my recliner.  So, I found this hunter green quilted fabric that would work well on my olive green recliner.  With two King Charles Cavalier dogs who love to cuddle whenever I am on my recliner, it is important to have a cover to help keep it clean.

Using the old cover as a pattern, I cut out my new one.  All edges were serged to prevent any fraying during laundering.  Using double-folded matching bias tape, I finished each outer edge.  Then the sections were sewn together.  It only took a couple of hours to complete this project.

Quilted Recliner Cover img_1457  I had fun putting this project together.  I will make a matching one for my hubby’s recliner.  Then each dog will have a recliner to nap on and I won’t have to worry about fussing with clean up.

Lemon Tank Top

crocheted tank top side view

Finally completed my crocheted tank top. Using crochet thread from my stash, I selected this lemon color knit cro-sheen. This top was done in double strand and is worked from the bottom up.

Crochet tank top

Here is what the process looks like–this picture shows the completed back the the hemline of the front piece.

In progress--back done and front in pgrogress

In progress–back done and front in pgrogress

Here are a few pictures showing the details of the pattern.

Yoke Trim with Shoulder Strap

Yoke Trim with Shoulder Strap

crocheted tank top hem trim

Japanese Knot Bag

I wanted to make a little bag to use when I go out for my mall walk or just running errands.  After searching the web, I found this one online.

Online Find

Online Find

So after down loading the pattern (pattern can be found on Helen Heath’s site– and putting it together, I was ready to cut out my bag using two pieces Fat Quarters.  I liked the green and black circles and used a solid olive green fabric for the lining.  Following the directions, I used an iron interfacing.  Instead of using cardboard in the circle bottom, I used a piece of green felt.  I added a couple of circular sewing lines for a quilting effect.  The trick to assembling this bag is the handles.  That took some time.

My Japanese Knot bag Japanese Knot Bag 3  My lining looks black but it is actually an olive green.  My bag is big enough to hold car keys, wallet and cell phone.  Used it today during my mall walk and errand run.  Pretty nifty.

Halloween Scrub Madness

Halloween fabric stash   From my fabric stash, I found this lavender Halloween motif fabric.  Using black fabric for a complementary color, I sewed another scrub top for one of my daughters.

Halloween Scrub Set    Here’s what the finished product looked like.   A closer view looks like this…


Halloween Scrub

Cartoon Motif Scrub  Then using the same black fabric as a contrast here, I whipped up another scrub using a cartoon motif fabric.  I think my daughter will enjoy these additions to her working wardrobe.

Scrub Addition!

During the summer, while in St. Louis, Mo., I picked up yardage of a navy blue fabric to make my daughter a scrub set for work. using a pattern that I love, I made this set for her.

Navy Scrub Top  It took me at least half a day to make this set.  I was really thrilled with the outcome.

Then, I got a great idea to make another top with a holiday themed fabric and because Halloween is right around the corner, I used this goblin and pumpkin piece that was in my stash.  The black trim accents were remnants from previous projects.

Ghostly Delight IMG_0169  This navy scrub is trimmed with a bright orange and blue Halloween print.  This was a smaller piece so I had to use the Halloween themed fabric as my trim.  Making these scrub tops was fun.

Summer Tees

Earlier I posted about a spring tee. Well I decided, that with summer on the horizon and with forecasts of how hot it will likely be, that a few more of these tops would certainly enhance my wardrobe. Going to my cache of cotton knits proved profitable. The original tee was a large, so now I wanted to play with sizing. Next on the list was a medium size.

My first find was a apple green piece of fabric decorated with hot pink roses.

A splash of roses

A splash of roses

The second find was a blue checkered print.

Square and blue

Square and blue

Now, that mediums were done. I wanted to scale down the pattern to a small. So the piece that reminds me of an artist’s palette remained and the result is …

Pastel Palette

Pastel Palette

So as not to get confused, I created sizing tabs using double-folded bias tape. Just a small piece about 5/8’s of inch long serged into a seam work wonders. Using a sharpie pen, I was able to write in the size.

Scrub Set #2

Working on another scrub set, a black pair of pants and a multi-colored print top. The pants is completed. The scrub top is a multi-colored print with lots of purple, green, and black tones. The contrasting bands will be in black to tie these two pieces together as one set. I will be working on the top shortly. Once completed, I will post additional pictures.

Here is one view of the pants …

Style 2

Style 2

And another view …

Drawstromg Front

Side pocket view

Back Elastic Waistline

4/30/13– worked on sewing a scrub top to match this pair of pants. Top is made using a multi-print fabric and embelished with a black contrast band.

Scrub top

Comfy Pillow

Pastel Pillow Cover

Spent approximately one week organizing my fabric stash. All material have been segregated by type, measured, and stored in zip lock bags. My goal now is to deplete my stash. The first project using fabric from my stash is a 22-inch square pillow cover. To make it easy for laundering, I added a zipper.

Now, when I’m sitting in my recliner, I have this pretty pillow. It will make the hours doing needle work (knitting, crocheting, and/or embroidering) more enjoyable.

Happy Stitching.

Yarn Stash

As it is with anyone who loves to work with yarn, I had an abundance supply of singleton skeins and partial skeins that were left over from previous projects. Thanks to my girlfriend and fellow crafter, Elaine, I was inspired to organize the ever-growing mound of stashed yarns. So, I gathered them all up and placed them into two 10-gallon plastic bins. Slowly, I’ve started organizing them by color families and rolling them into smaller balls. Additionally, I’ve kept them in groupings by yarn weights. For example, all sports weight remnants and baby yarn were grouped together.

Overflowing Mound of Yarn

Overflowing Mound of Yarn

Color Families

Color Families

My goal is to go through the first bin and roll up any partial skeins and bag them according to color families. This will be an ongoing project as I can do this at night while watching television. My sweet hubby has been kind enough to help me roll the yarn into balls. This organizational project will make yarn easily and readily available for future projects. Gearing up for happy needlecrafting.

New Project

Since my hubby and I have retired we have started traveling a little more.  But, no matter where I travel, I’ve come to realize that I end up packing more shoes than my hubby.  Maybe that’s a girl thing.  I am tired of using plastic bags to separate them from my clothes.  So, I whipped up fabric shoe bags.  The first one I made was lined.    This shoe bag is perfect for a pair of female shoes  I started off with a rectangular piece of fabric measuring 12″ by 16″.  I finished each edge (surged) and used a 1/4″ seam.  To close the top opening, I tried using elastic, but, did not like it so I substituted with a fabric drawstring.  See …    What you see is the bias tape that I opened up to make a casing.  Then cut and sewed a 16″ piece of bias tape for my draw string.  Prior to sewing the casing on, I made a buttonhole and that is how I inserted the drawstring.             Here is the finished product.  A pair of walking shoes fits very nicely in it.  So does a pair of my athletic shoes.

In essences, I used less that 1/2 yds of fabric.  In total, it was a little more than 3/4 yd for both the lining and the outer layer.  I’m not sure that these shoe bags need to be lined.  If the original fabric is a cotton polyester or a twill then I do not see the need to line.  Thinner fabrics, of course, would need the stability of a lining.

I will have to make it a bit larger (wider) to accommodate a pair of men’s athletic shoes.


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