Recliner Makeover

Decided it was time to go through my fabric stash to find a piece that I could use to whip up a new cover for my recliner.  So, I found this hunter green quilted fabric that would work well on my olive green recliner.  With two King Charles Cavalier dogs who love to cuddle whenever I am on my recliner, it is important to have a cover to help keep it clean.

Using the old cover as a pattern, I cut out my new one.  All edges were serged to prevent any fraying during laundering.  Using double-folded matching bias tape, I finished each outer edge.  Then the sections were sewn together.  It only took a couple of hours to complete this project.

Quilted Recliner Cover img_1457  I had fun putting this project together.  I will make a matching one for my hubby’s recliner.  Then each dog will have a recliner to nap on and I won’t have to worry about fussing with clean up.

Helping out a Friend

So much has been going on in my life that I have not done any sewing lately. But, my girlfriend asked me to help her out by sewing king-size pillow shams for her master bedroom.

What a great excuse for a girl date and a cup of coffee. (Like I really need an excuse to enjoy a cup of Jo.)

Deciding on a color to match the comforter was the first step. Since the comforter was a paisley print with gray, pale mauve and slate blue, we opted for something in the gray family.

Next step, which was the hardest, was to find the perfect fabric.  After searching through my favorite fabric store and coming up empty, I had to find another alternative.  Then the light bulb turned on and I decided to look for a drapery panel.  I wanted a shiny fabric and found a slate blue polyester.  I got a single 84-inch long unlined panel.  Brought it home and removed all hems.  Then I ironed the panel.  I was able to cut out shams for a pair of king-size panels.  The back of the sham has a six-inch overlap.

Needless to say once on the bed, the pillow shams looked great.  My girlfriend added a couple of navy and one mauve pillows.  Now, her master bedroom decor pops!  So, happy I was able to oblige.

Splash of Color Table Skirt

Brightening up the Guest Bathroom

Brightening up the Guest Bathroom

With Spring in bloom, I wanted to add some color to our guest bathroom. I found in my fabric stash this fabric remnant so I cut it down to the desired size. Just sewed a rolled hem and the table skirt is done.

Holly Garlands

In looking though the Pinterest posts, I was taken by a January 2014 post from a blog called, The House that Lars Built.  It focused over-sized holly and berry paper garland.  Here is the picture from that post.

Paper Holly Garland 3 I was really captivated by this idea.  So, I put my sewing skills to work.

I found a holly leaf pattern and cut out holly leaves in three different green fabric. Using an assembly line process, all leaves were cut out (using two leaves to make a single holly leaf.  I wanted each leaf to have body so I added a batting piece.  In sewing the leaves together, I left a 2 inch opening and stitched a 1/4 seam.  I clipped the edges and trimmed the corner peaks to make crisp points after turning them. I topped stitches each leaf and made a center vein line as well.

When assembling, all leaves were hand stitched onto a fabric band the length of the banister plus 12 inches.  The band was made using extra wide bias tape.  I cut out two lengths and ironed them out and sewed them together like you would for a sash.  The raw edges were tucked in and stitched closed.  Additional ties were cut out from the same bias tape trim about a foot long.  In total I used four of these ties and stitched them to the band evenly.  This helped in keeping the finished garland taunt. The holly berries were made from red felt and tacked onto the garland.

Here’s what my finished holly and berry garland looked like.

Fabric Holly Garland with Felt Berries

Fabric Holly Garland with Felt Berries

holly garland

I had fun making this garland and have plans on making additional ones for next year.

Quilting Projects

Shifting sewing projects to home décor, I decided that it was time to return to my machine quilting projects.  Hunting through my fabric stash, I found fabric for the following projects.  Some of these will go toward Project Linus while others will be either sold or given away as presents.


Bumble Bee Quilt   This lap quilt measures 44 x 44 inches.  The top layer is a field of bumble bees.  It is trimmed using yellow extra wide double fold bias tape.

Princess Quilt Fabric 032  The next quilt was made using a princess motif top layer and a pale pink bottom layer.  Medium weight batting was used as well as a hot pink double fold bias tape trim.  This quilt went to our grand niece to use during name time at preschool.  She loves her fairy tale princesses.

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt  I stumbled across these two Sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks so I attached them to a red printed fabric, from my fabric stash, and then used this new fabric piece for the top layer of a Sunbonnet Sue lap quilt.  Then I used a mauve printed fabric piece for the back panel.

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt back  You can see the quilted lines on the reverse.  All quilting is machine quilting.  I simply used the squares from the front as my template for these quilting lines.  I used brick red double fold bias trim for the edging.

Now, the finished product looks like this ….

Sunbonnet Sue quilt 1  The entire piece is about 44 by 45 inches.

I then found this floral flannel fabric and decided to make a two-sided flannel quilt for Project Linus.

Sunburst Floral Quilt Close up       I used a medium weight batting and  lemon yellow double fold bias tape for this one.  Machine quilting was done in simple vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.  This quilt is about 44 x 44 inches.

My next two projects were constructed using pre-quilted fabric so all I had to do was cut the desigred length and add mataching bias trim.  These are abour 44 x by 72 inches.  I thought these would be good for teenage boys.  Here is what the royal blue quilt looks like.

Royal Blue Quilt  The flip side looks like this.  Royal Blue Quilt 2  I actually have enough fabric to make another one just like this.  I could only make one because I ran out of bias tape.  The stores in Hilo did not have any to match.  Meant a trip to the fabric store, JoAnn’s, when I’m on vacation, to pick up more bias tape.  Ahhhh, shucks!

I have the following green pre-quilted fabric to make similar size quilts (like the blue ones above).  I just need lime green bias tape.

Here’s what the green fabric looks like.  Green Quilt  I think these will turn out nicely as well.

Happy Sewing.


Green Crazy Quilt Pillow

Crazy Quilt Pillow


I had one left over square from my green crazy quilt.  So, I thought I would add black feather stitching.  I then whipped up this pillow.  Trying something different in assembling the pillow, I decided to put a overlap.  The overlap is three inches and has a velcro closure.  The pillow measures 14 x 14.  The backing is a dark green and white print.

Christmas Decorations

The Holiday Season is here.  Everyone is busy getting ready.  Christmas orders completed and picked up.  Now, it is time to trim the house.  Theme this year is simple.  No matter how hard I try I cannot shed the eclectic look.  So I will combine the two  The guest room was my first stop.  Blue and silver are the dominant colors.  Using my sewing talent I spruced up slate blue bath towels.Snowflakes abound  To get a better view of the Christmassy trim, here is a view of a matching handtowel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Now you can see the snowflakes.  A silver grosgrain ribbon adds to the emblishment.

To add some whimsy, I decided to make a cover for that extra roll of toilet tissue.  Snowflake polyester cotton fabric was used for the top of the  cover. A solid blue fabric with the same border as the towels were added.        Spruced up Toilet Tissue CoverA silver and blue floral arrangement sits on the ceramic counter above the tub.  Here is a close up.         Silver & Blue Flora  You really can not see the blue so let’ stand back and take another shot.  Here we go …  A Touch of Elegance  Now that looks better.

I’ve enjoyed sprucing up our guest bathroom for all to enjoy.

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

We are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner.  Invitations were sent out.  Menu planned and indgredients purchased.  Decorations were dusted off and placed about the house.  Wanting to add a personal touch, I decided to create another table runner.  I wanted one that would complement the dining room table runner I made a couple of years ago.  This meant I had to go through my fabric stash to locate the extra yardage.  It did not take long to locate the fabric.

   Now, I have a matching runner for the rich mahagony coffee table.  These decorations will definitely add to the festivities of the day.

Since I had a bit more of this fabric, I wanted to some color to the guest bathroom.  To match the toilet seat cover I made a couple of years ago.  So now I wanted to make sure that I had a cover for the extra role of toilet tissue.  The circular top is made from a muted yellow/orange paisley print and the turkey print was used for the band. 

Can’t wait to see the looks on my grand niece’s face when she walks in and sees all of the Thanksgiving decorations.  For me, I’m in heaven as I get to relish in the autumn colors that I am so drawn too.  Now, my decorations are complete.

Only thing left will be the cooking for the big day.  Count down is on ….


Splash of Hawaiian Night Towels

This next project falls undert the category of Home Decor.  If you are in need of a great hostess gift, then this towel set is the perfect choice.This towel set includes two bathtowels and one hand towel.      The white cotton towels are 100% cotton and 100% Algodon which make them soft. Each bathtowel measures 42″ x 26″.  The Midnight Blue Hawaiian Print trim measures 3 inches wide on the bath towels.  The handtowel measures 26″ by 16″ and the Midnight Blue Hawaiian Print trim is 2 1/4″ wide.

    This is what one towel looks like.  Then again, here is another angle of the pair of bathtowels.                                                             Front view captures the balance between the white towel and the brilliant blues of the trim.

Lastly, here is a picture of the handtowel.  As you can see the trim matches, however, the size was reduced proportionally to match the handtowel size.  This hostess set will be on sale in my Etsy store.  Check it out at

Decorating for Easter

Edges           All of the St. Patrick’s Day decorations are put away.  Now, its time to decorate for Easter.  Found an adorable piece of fabric that is suitable for Easter (pastel colors).  Print is Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.  Used 4 yards of white eyelet w/ pink ribbon laced through the eyelet to add to the edges.  Lined it with a hot pink fabric with lavendar baby butterflies.  What better print is there announcing Spring.

Once the table runner was sewed together, all I needed was the Easter brick-a-brack and Presto! Instant Easter decorations.

Easter Bunnies                     Winnie the Pooh Table Runner         

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