The Charming Cavaliers Get New Outfits

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d see if I could whip up an appropriate outfit for each of my Cavaliers.  The first outfit tackled was for our puppy, Ginger.  I purchased a baby’s bib at the 99 cents store. The bib says, “This is me being patient.”

I then rummaged through my remnant stash for a swatch that matched to add as a ruffle to the bottom of the bib.  Matching double fold bias tape was used to make the ties.

The reverse side of the dress.

Front of the bib.  

Here is what the finished outfit looks like.    Ginger is getting used to modeling.  I  think it turned out quite nicely for a spur-of-the-moment project.

Now, it was Bekah’s turn. Since Bekah is older, I thought I’d like to make an outfit without a ruffle. I was not quite sure where to begin.  So, I borrowed the idea for the pattern from the bib and sketched it out using Bekah’s measurements for her neck and abdomen.  To give it some body, I decided to make it reversible which simply means cutting two pieces and sewing them together. Ties were made using matching double-fold bias tape strips to secure the dress at her tummy. I did not want to use snaps or buttons so I used Velcro squares as fasteners.

Darker side.

The Lighter Side

I am so happy that this creation turned out so well.  Now, my fur babies are ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

Hooded Bath Towel

Hooded Bath Towel

Finally figured out how to fix my sewing machine. Of course, I will have to take it to a “professional” soon. But, at least I got it working.

This project was made using 1/2 of a hand towel and a large matching bath towel. Usually, I add a bias trim but decided not to. Added some whimsical appliques just to spruce it up. This one is going to my grand niece.

New Scrub


Made a new scrub for my daughter. Novelty print and teal trim.

Lightweight Knit Shrug


Shrug and pattern

One of my unfinished projects was uncovered in the de-cluttering process of moving. So, I finished it. It took me approximately 30 minutes to finish it.

This shrug will come in handy when the temperature drops in the Fall.

Getting Ready for Summer

In anticipation for summer, I’ve made a couple of satin camisoles to wear with my lightweight, airy, lacy crochet tops. Each top took about 2/3’s of a yard of fabric. The yoke was decorated with rows of machine embroidery to give a quilted effect.

gold camisole

tan camisole

Embroidered Yoke

Favor Bags

favor bag2

favor bags

Here are the favor bags, I’ve worked on for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. I completed 100 of them. I need about 20-30 more. Just another little thing to help make her day wonderful.

Japanese Knot Bag

I wanted to make a little bag to use when I go out for my mall walk or just running errands.  After searching the web, I found this one online.

Online Find

Online Find

So after down loading the pattern (pattern can be found on Helen Heath’s site– and putting it together, I was ready to cut out my bag using two pieces Fat Quarters.  I liked the green and black circles and used a solid olive green fabric for the lining.  Following the directions, I used an iron interfacing.  Instead of using cardboard in the circle bottom, I used a piece of green felt.  I added a couple of circular sewing lines for a quilting effect.  The trick to assembling this bag is the handles.  That took some time.

My Japanese Knot bag Japanese Knot Bag 3  My lining looks black but it is actually an olive green.  My bag is big enough to hold car keys, wallet and cell phone.  Used it today during my mall walk and errand run.  Pretty nifty.

Halloween Scrub Madness

Halloween fabric stash   From my fabric stash, I found this lavender Halloween motif fabric.  Using black fabric for a complementary color, I sewed another scrub top for one of my daughters.

Halloween Scrub Set    Here’s what the finished product looked like.   A closer view looks like this…


Halloween Scrub

Cartoon Motif Scrub  Then using the same black fabric as a contrast here, I whipped up another scrub using a cartoon motif fabric.  I think my daughter will enjoy these additions to her working wardrobe.

New Patterns

Wardrobe Additions--Dresses

Wardrobe Additions–Dresses

While visiting our daughters in St. Louis I picked up two dress patterns. I wanted to expand my wardrobe to include more dresses.  This is something I wanted to do since getting hooked on the show, Project Runway.”

A touch of retro

A touch of retro

These patterns were purchased last week as part of a sale from our fabric store.  The little girl’s skirt is a cute project that would make a delightful gift for a little one.  The jeans pattern was not part of the plan, but, a good buy.  The dresses resembled the styles of the 60s and 70s.

Can’t wait to go through my fabric stash for suitable fabric pieces and then … let the sewing begin.

Final Call on Scrubs

Final Touches

Final Touches

Three new sets of scrubs.

After several attempts, I’m now satisfied with the scrub set pattern. Actually, the top was perfect, no tinkering required. The pants, however, needed adjustments. Original version called for an elastic waistline. That was the first gray pants previously posted. First adjustment add a drawstring as well. The drawstring was added to the front wasitline as evidenced by the first black pair previously posted. Still not satisfied, a third version was required that included an elastic waistline and a full drawstring waistline. To achieve this I had to add 1.75 inches to the top waistline, thereby increasing the width of the casing. This is captured in the second pair of black pants. Now satsified, I sewed another gray pair and a burgundy pair. These would match the previously sewed scrub tops.

All were packaged and mailed. Now, just waiting for the surprise of their receipt. One happy, happy, happy and smart-looking daughter.

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