Tending to my Mending

sewing lady 2   There is no better way to spend a Saturday than spending it in my sewing room, with a couple of cups of hot tea, an old western movie playing in the background and my sewing machine all ready to start singing.  I guess, to some folk, this makes me sound a bit weird.  But, alas, it is not weird–it is just my way to meditate. So, its time to starting tending to my mending.

As a wise person once said, “Sewing mends the soul.  ~Author Unknown” and today is a good example of this.  Spent the day in my sewing room addressing the need of my growing stack of mending projects.  First mending tasks addressed were three pairs of jeans for the hubby.  They needed to be shortened and hemmed.  Now, he is a happy camper with his new pairs of jeans.

Prepping for the colder weather, I got myself several fleece jackets.  However, the sleeves needed shortening.  So, this is where I headed in my mending spree.  As another sewing wise person said, “Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets.  ~Author Unknown”  Today’s endeavor did take these clothing pieces out of the mending stack and into our respective closets.

Some people may find mending projects a bore, but, not I.  Mending for me is a sort of meditation that helps in keeping me centered and relaxed.

It’s Mending Saturday!

sewing lady 2
I collected pieces of clothing that needed mending. Today, I’m spending time just listening to music and mending. Some of the mending tasks includes hemming:

1. 3 pair of slacks that need to be shortened and hemmed.
2. a pair of men’s short pants that needs a hem re done.
3. a circular fall themed table cloth that is too long so it needs to cut and hemmed.
4. buttons that need to be replaced.

It’s relaxing and I am enjoying one-on-one time with our puppy.


New Sewing Room

Its been about a month and half since we moved into our new home.  Priority focus was in setting up our kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, master bedroom and a guest room.  Now that, that is done, I’ve started in on my sewing room.  A marked improvement from the blank slate posted here.

Cutting table in one corner facing the street to capture some of the natural lighting.cutting table

The full wall on left side adjacent wall is where I decided to set up my sewing station.


This picture was taken during the unpacking stage.  

Then I converted the closet space into a storage space to hold my sewing notions. 

Sewing Notions             IMG_0738  Every thing is labeled.




Here is the room that has been designated as my sewing room. It is about 11 x 11. There is one window that will give me ample lighting.

Looks out onto Kelsford Drive

Looks out onto Kelsford Drive

I’ve decided to set up my sewing station around the perimeter of the room. Along with my cutting table.

The closet
This closet is perfect to hold my staking bins containing my notions and threads.

Hubby will have to install a few shelves on one wall. I will have to put wheels on my dress form to make her mobile. The ironing board set up will be a challenge.

Hope to be posting more showing-the-progress pics of my crafting hideaway.

Creating a Whimsical Thread Catcher

Getting back into the swing of sewing, I needed to set up my second serger (my singer serger).  My intent was to have one threaded with dark thread and the other with white.  Currently, I have the two sergers threaded in white.  Originally, my first love (my BabyLock serger) was going to be the white one and the new Singer serger would be threaded in black.  I’ve since change my mind and will thread the BabyLock in black.

After setting up the work stations, I realized that I needed to have a thread catcher for the Singer serger.  I did not want to wait until I got to the fabric store, so I decided to be creative.  Scanning through my scraps stash, I found a cute piece.  Using the Singer serger, I whipped this whimsical thread catcher.

Being creative with fabric scraps

Do you like it?

Redbam’s Sewing Haven Additions

I am getting used to my new sewing digs.  Hubby is continues making improvements for me.  He made a new cutting table for me by putting a new top onto an existing desk.    Here is another view of  the cutting table.      Now, you can see how he added this top to the existing desk.  I can put my various cutting materials in one of the drawers.  My rotary cutters and the different rulers are now all in a handy location.  But, this is not all that my hubby did.  He added lights to the shelving unit above my sewing machine.  These new fixtures give me more light so I can work whenever I wish.    In the shelves above my sewing machines, I have baskets filled with spools of thread, bias trim, rick rack, quilt binding, etc.

Redbam’s Haven—beginning stages

So, I’ve adjusted to the shock of relocation.  Working on logistics.  Thought it would be nice to have a row of my machines all in a line and then I can roll from one station to another.  Our first try was to place them under the window so I could utilize the natural light.  This is what it looked like.  Picture taken at night.  Looked doable.

     So in this location, I worked on whipping up the curtains for our master bedroom.  I worked in the mid afternoon.  What a mistake!  Not the time of work nor the project—–the glare was more than I could handle.

So, it’s time to relocate to the another wall.  This room is painted a nice calm blue.  I have wood floors of a honey oak.  The window in the first picture is in the middle of one wall.  All natural lighting flows from it.  See how much illumination exists.  Can you imagine sewing with this facing you?  I couldn’t.

.     This looks like it will be the site of my sewing adventures.  I like this wall.  The light from the window provides ample lighting.  I’ve placed the quilter under the window.  The focal point is my workhorse sewing machine I call Suzie.                Currently, I have a swing lamp clamped to the sewing table.  My hubby will redo the lighting for me as I love sewing when the mood occurs and that can be at night.  Note:  Fabric bundled up is a blanket in progress.  This blanket will go to Project Linus.  (post to follow upon completion.)

To the left of my Suzie will be my sergers.     

Out of site will be my ironing station.  Still haven’t relocated my cutting table but that will come.  I have a wall of closets to work with but that takes time as well.  I think I want a bulletin board if I can figure out where I want it to go.  Of course, shelving is a must.

First steps first.


My sewing area is under construction.   Another renovation project is underway.  My wonderful hubby is helping me with the relocation of my sewing room.  We will be converting a bedroom into my sewing room.  So, instead of working in the area adjacent to our bedroom, I will have my own space.  My own little Niche!  My own haven!

To make sure that I do not go into sewing withdrawals, my amazing man is making sure that I have a temporary work station.  I am able to work in the new site while it is being put into shape.    This will allow me to sew.  To the outside world it may look like my world is in topsy-turvy,  is not a project that will be rushed and we can anticipate construction to go on for a long haul.  I am happy because I will be able to sew in this new space whenever I want.