Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Reading is such a passion in my life.  As an educator I firmly believe that reading is one way for a person to grow.  It is a nonthreatening way of learning.  Words can expand one’s thinking as well as one’s vocabulary.

So if you have a young reader in your life then a book is the best non-calorie Valentine’s Day present to get.  There are on-line book sites that offer giveaways and one such site is Goodreads.

Starting January 31, 2017 and running through February 8, 2017 you can participate in such a giveaway.

bekahs-first-adventure   This little book introduces you to a charming King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  She is an adorable little girl with big bright eyes that has a way of charming you.  In this book, little Bekah describes her fears about being adopted.  Parents, grandparents, and teachers can use this book to help children make predictions and engage in conversations about their fears and overcoming them.

So, take a few minutes and drop in on the following link to enter a chance to win one signed, first edition, children’s book.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you do register for this giveaway.


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