Dog Coat – a Quick Pattern

Last week I asked whether I should knit my spoilt pooch a coat and the response was an overwhelming “Yes”. So I got on with it and for the time being, I left the work-intensive angel wi…

Source: Dog Coat – a Quick Pattern

OMG! A SharkTail

I’d like to thank a couple of Weight Watcher’s team mates for providing me an opportunity to venture into a different realm with regard to my needle escapades. These ladies asked if I could make them special blankets for young ones in their families.  The initial excursion started with crocheting mermaid tails.  Mermaid tails are great for little girls, but, what about the little boys.  So, in answer to that challenge, I agreed to experiment with crocheting a shark tail.

I turned again to a great website,, for my inspiration.  Above are two pictures of the finished product.  Nadia’s shares patterns on her website along with video clips to help crafters understand her patterns.  I highly recommend this site.  Her patterns are copyrighted so please do not publish them for respect to this fine crafter.

I had fun working on these projects. In addition to the special feelings crafters get from working on a new project (pattern), I enjoyed several health benefits.  Crocheting allows you to keep your brain active.  The rhythm of the stitches promotes calmness.  Helping out friends is another asset.  So, thanks ladies for this rewarding opportunity.  Hope your love ones enjoy these blankets.


Pink Camo Mermaid Tail

Completed a second mermaid tail using Nadia Faud’s pattern from Yarnutopia.  I did make an adjustment to the original pattern.  I added a border to the top,  I also added an edging around the tail, the top band, and back opening.

I tried a different brand of acrylic ombre yarn–I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.  This yarn came from Turkey.  Weight is #4. I used 5 (5 ounce) skeins of the variegated yarn in pink camo.  My contrast color, for the tail and top border is hot pink.