Searching for Treasure in my Yarn Stash

All crafters, especially those who love to knit or crochet, owns a yarn stash.  Living in tropical paradise challenged my organization skills.  The solution to preserving my yarn stash required plastic storage bins.   yarn-stash  Initially, I just threw partial skeins or singleton skeins into bins.  Once we decided to relocate, the need to get organized kicked in and a monumental task ensued.  All bins were unloaded and restocked according to type of yarn and colors.  Partial skeins and even the singleton skeins were rolled into balls and grouped according to color.

organized-yarn-stash  This looked much better and manageable.  Hence, my needle escapades for 2016 focused on depleting this valuable treasure.

Thus far, my treasure trove of yarn produced these afghans.

I have started on yet another creation.  This one using all of the partial skeins of purple yarn.  The range is from a deep purple to a pale lavender.  Instinctively, I knew that the different shades of purple was not large enough to do a solid afghan, so granny squares is the best approach. Will it be a lap blanket?  Will it be a toddler’s afghan?  

Once the granny squares are made then it is time to lay out a pattern.  The above picture shows seven stacks assorted squares.  The finished afghan will have seven rows of seven squares.  A flat braid edging, my favorite joining stitch, will begin.  The question remaining is … “what color will I use for the flat braid joining?”  Will it be a neutral color?  Will it be bold? Can you guess?


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  1. Stitch It Again
    Sep 06, 2016 @ 18:59:03

    These are beautiful and so varied! You’ve been getting a lot done. I look forward to seeing the layout of your granny squares.


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