Gift Request from Hawaii

One of my friends called me this week with a special request to make a baby blanket for her.  She needs a special blanket for will be for a family member. The special bundle of joy is a boy and is joining the family sometime this September.  I am honored to respond to this request and need to start hopping on this project.

First step is a visit this morning to my one of favorite craft stores–Michael’s.  I found the perfect yarn.  I wanted something soft and cuddling.  My girlfriend thought blue would be appropriate and I agreed but when I saw the variegated blue skeins called “Funny Bunny Print,” I just had to get it.  This is the first time I will be working with Bernat pipsqueak yarn comes in 3.5 ounce skeins and is 100% polyester making it machine washable and dryable.  Perfect for a little bundle of joy!

A simple garter stitch is the perfect stitch for this textured yarn.  Using a 10.5 circular knitting needle I cast on 90 stitches giving me a width of 33 inches.  That will be great.  Easy pattern, great yarn and a fulfilling purpose contribute toward stitches rapidly flying off the needles.

Here’s a tease for you …

Watch for progress updates.

Pop-of-Red Granny-Squares Afghan

What do you do with the left-over yarn from projects of old?  What type of stitch would work?  Well, if you turn to an old favorite like granny squares then you have your next project.  Here is my completed granny square afghan.  Using a flat braid to join 144 granny squares yields a 5 ft by 5 ft afghan.  12 x 12 square

Each granny square was made in an assembly-line fashion.  What do I mean by that?  You start with the center and crochet the desired number of squares.  As I wanted this afghan to be large, I decided that I wanted to have 12 rows by 12 rows.  All yarn used was 4-ply medium weight machine washable yarn.

Gather all of your partial skeins and begin crocheting the granny squares.  In this case, I used tan yarn.  To add pizzazz, red yarn was used  for the second row.  Row 3 of each granny square used blues.  For the last row, I used a dark green.  Tying all of the different squares together, I used Kelly green.  The Kelly green yarn was the only yarn that wasn’t part of my stash.  So, I purchased 4 skeins.

granny square close up

Exciting Announcement!


I have decided to rename my blog to reflect a more accurate representation of my crafting error.  Please note that redbamsews is now Redbam Crafts. Originally, my blog was dedicated to my sewing projects as that was where the bulk of my time and energy focused on.  Whether I sewed for myself, for gifts, for donating to charities or for craft fairs, the primary emphasis was on sewing.

Since retiring and relocating, I find that my sewing projects have decreased.  But, my yarn projects have increased.  The relocation allowed me to do more home decorating type projects like my wreath making.

With this change, I can share my various crafting projects.–such as my crochet, embroidery, knitting, and wood painting, and wreath making.  I am working on rebuilding my inventory for a craft fair and will keep you posted as to any news in that department.


Lavender Splash

So, I started another blanket for my recent road trip.  This time I wanted to make a lap blanket.  Using Size 11 circular knitting needles, I did a cast on of 10 stitches.  The body of the lap blanket is 54 inches in length by 32 inches in width.  I used Baby Bernat Blanket yarn because I love the softness of the yarn.  When you make it into a blanket you get warmth but not heaviness (weight) of the final piece.  The variegated yarn blends from white to tan to lavender. I used two 10.5 oz. skeins to make this size, which I feel is perfect for a lap blanket.

The edging is simple–just a single crochet stitch.  I used part of a 10.5 oz. skein in the same brand but the color was a solid lavender.

This is a quick project and just perfect to keep you occupied when on a road trip.