Peachy Delight

Didn’t think I could do it, but, I did.

Just finished another throw in just a matter of a day.  This one was crocheted.  It is delightful peachy and cuddly one using the same pattern from an earlier one (Country Rose). The secret to accomplish such a trip is to work on two simultaneously.  It is a challenge but great for keeping mentally alert and definitely beats boredom.  Large throws or afghans can become tedious causing the crafter to loose interest.  Alternating work sessions on each project keeps it interesting.

My first throw in this pattern was done in a Country Rose color with an off-white border.  This time I wanted to keep it monochromatic and enlarged it a bit.  The finished size is 45.5 inches by 65 inches.  This what my final project looks like.IMG_0668

I used two one=pound skeins (each 453.6 grams) in a One Pound Skein of Natura Deluxe Acrylic yarn.  The color is peach (504).

Here is a close up of the pattern.  As you can see the edging is a simple fan stitch.


Here is a close up of one of the pattern blocks highlighting the lacy diamond effect.


This pattern is fun to work with.  The secret lies in figuring out how many blocks you want.


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