Country Rose Throw

I stumbled onto this pattern from a blog called,  It was on her post entitled, The Midwife Blanket.  I found it to be quite adorable so I wanted to make it.  I made a sample of the pattern and here is what it looked like.

Midwife Blanket  I love the open lacy squares.  The pattern says to ch 118.  I wanted to make my blanket a bit bigger so that it was a throw.  I had to do some math to figure out how many chains to make my foundation chain.  My foundation chain was made of 150 chains.  When factoring the size remember that this pattern is in multiples of 16.

I used the one-pounder of Red Heart Yarn from my yarn stash.  I had about 1.75 skeins.  I also used a F hook.  The color is Country Rose.  My finished sized is 44 by 64 inches. Since I was using yarn from my stash, I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the Country Rose color.  So, I used left over winter white for part of the edging.  I also made a bigger fan for the edging.  Then to tie it all in, I ended with a row of single crochet. Here is what the finished throw looked like.

IMG_0597  I am including a close up of the edging so you can get a better idea of what I did.


I love this pattern and will make another throw.  If you want this pattern, please get it from the above-mentioned blog.  It is a copy righted pattern, so please do not duplicate it or publish it unless you get permission.



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