Fashion Ladies

Decided to switch from knitting to embroidery.  Hence, I focused on embroidery hoop artwork.  Although this project is not quite done, I was so excited with the results that I just had to post them

I wanted to create something a bit different so I decided to feature 20th century ladies of fashion.  Two of the ladies are wearing the fashions of the 1920s.  The ladies are dressed to enjoy an wonderful evening out.

I chose to encase them in nine-inch oval wooden embroidery hoops so as to fully capture the beauty of their outfits.

The third piece of artwork features the 1950s.  This lady is wearing a shirt-waist dress with a full skirt and flats.


This trio would make a cute gift for a teenage fashionista.

So, I worked on the finishing of this trio of fashionista embroidery hoop project.  I backed each oval with a felt backing serging the edges.  I added a three-inch ribbon hanger to the top of each piece.  Now, they are finished.  Here’s what they look like.

Trio of Fashion Ladies

This set would look great around a teenager’s reading or homework center.  They would also look great above a closet.


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