Multiple Knitted Projects

I am currently occupied with two different knitting projects.  The first is a baby blanket using Bernat Baby Chunky Yard, in a charming color, Little Sand Castles.  It is a very soft and cuddly yarn.  I am using Size 11, straight, knitting needles.  My cast on row was 88 stitches and I am using garter stitch for the pattern.  The 88 stitches makes a 36-inch width.  I am planning to knit it until I have a 36-inch length.

Once I’ve bound off and block, I’m sure this baby blanket will increase to a 38 x 38 inch blanket.

The second knitted project is an adult-size afghan using Buttercream Rainbow Boucle in a Honeysuckle color.  For this project I’m using a szie 8 circular needle.


I love the texture of this yarn.  This one is done using garter stitch.  It just is taking a longer time to complete as it is quite large.  When I’m working on a large project, I like to break up the monotony by working on smaller projects.  This way I can stay motivated.


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