Fashion Ladies

Decided to switch from knitting to embroidery.  Hence, I focused on embroidery hoop artwork.  Although this project is not quite done, I was so excited with the results that I just had to post them

I wanted to create something a bit different so I decided to feature 20th century ladies of fashion.  Two of the ladies are wearing the fashions of the 1920s.  The ladies are dressed to enjoy an wonderful evening out.

I chose to encase them in nine-inch oval wooden embroidery hoops so as to fully capture the beauty of their outfits.

The third piece of artwork features the 1950s.  This lady is wearing a shirt-waist dress with a full skirt and flats.


This trio would make a cute gift for a teenage fashionista.

So, I worked on the finishing of this trio of fashionista embroidery hoop project.  I backed each oval with a felt backing serging the edges.  I added a three-inch ribbon hanger to the top of each piece.  Now, they are finished.  Here’s what they look like.

Trio of Fashion Ladies

This set would look great around a teenager’s reading or homework center.  They would also look great above a closet.

Chunky Baby Blanket

Chunky Baby Blanket

What a wonderful feeling it was to have completed this knitting experiment with Chunky Yarn.  This was my first experience with Bernat Super Bulky Yarn. This yarn is soft and cuddly.  The color is Little Sandcastles.  I used size 11 straight knitting needles and cast on 88 stitches.  This blanket was worked in garter stitch.  I used two 10.5 ounce skeins to complete this project.  After blocking the baby blanket measured 40 by 40 inches.  It will make some little one feel nice and cozy.


Multiple Knitted Projects

I am currently occupied with two different knitting projects.  The first is a baby blanket using Bernat Baby Chunky Yard, in a charming color, Little Sand Castles.  It is a very soft and cuddly yarn.  I am using Size 11, straight, knitting needles.  My cast on row was 88 stitches and I am using garter stitch for the pattern.  The 88 stitches makes a 36-inch width.  I am planning to knit it until I have a 36-inch length.

Once I’ve bound off and block, I’m sure this baby blanket will increase to a 38 x 38 inch blanket.

The second knitted project is an adult-size afghan using Buttercream Rainbow Boucle in a Honeysuckle color.  For this project I’m using a szie 8 circular needle.


I love the texture of this yarn.  This one is done using garter stitch.  It just is taking a longer time to complete as it is quite large.  When I’m working on a large project, I like to break up the monotony by working on smaller projects.  This way I can stay motivated.