Expanding My Horizons!

I have an announcement!  announcing
I wrote a children’s book entitled “Bekah’s First Adventure.” Yep!  You heard me.  I wrote a book!  I did it.
Bekah's 1st Adventure
Luckily for me, it was accepted for publication by The Larry Czerwonka, Company. a publishing company located in Hilo, Hawaii.  We are so happy with our puppy, Bekah, and how well she adjusted to her adoption that I wanted to capture this in a children’s book.  It should be out soon!  I will keep you posted on this production process. It can be purchased from the publisher directly.  An e-book version will be out on Amazon.

Happy New Year

new yr

Wishing all crafters a very Happy New Year.

For all of you who love to sew, may 2016 bless you with many inspiring projects  sewing machine  and may your sewing machine produce many magical creations.

For all of you who love to work with yarn, whether your passion is knitting or crocheting, may you be blessed with an abundance of yarn so your knitting needles or crochet hooks can produce a bounty of special projects.  knitting lady And may you have lots of shopping opportunities to replenish your stash.

For all quilters, quilting.jpgmay your quilting projects flourish and may your fabric stash dwindle as you weave together colorful quilts.  For all you embroiderers, may your embroidery projects generate happiness as you stitch and knot your patterns producing charming projects.  embroidery

May 2016 be a blessed year to all and may your creative cup overflow with joy and contentment.