Embroidery Hoop Art–Sewing Theme

My creative focus for the last few weeks has been on sprucing up my sewing room. The medium I chose was embroidery hoop artwork. Of course, the theme of the pieces will be sewing. I chose 7 inch embroidery hoops for the frames. Each piece is worked on a 7.5 inch circle. I serge the circle edges so that there is no raveling as I do the embroidery work. Then I back each piece with a felt circle and then I serge the hem again. I attach a ribbon loop to the top and then place the piece in the hoop.






Second Heart Baby Blanket

003 004  I liked  this pattern so much that I made a second blanket.  Blanket measures 36 inches by 36 inches.  Left off the ribbon trim but one can easily be added.  This is a quickie project.

Filet Heart Baby Blanket

Filet Heart Blanket

Yellow Filet Heart Blanket

Wanted to make a baby blanket using a new pattern. Found a picture of a filet heart and then figured out how it was made. I wanted the baby blanket to be about 36 x 36 inches, so I made my foundation chain and then started crocheting the filet pattern. I separated each row of hearts with 3 rows of open filet. Used a fan pattern for the trim. Added a gray ribbon with a bow on one corner as a finishing touch.

Tropical Ironing Board Cover

Decided I wanted to try my hand at making my own personalized ironing board cover. Went through my fabric stash looking for an appropriate fabric. Selected a heavy upholstery fabric with a tropical feel. This is what the finished product looks like.

New ironing Board cover Finished ironing board cover.

The process I used was to trace the existing ironing board onto a large piece of paper. Then I added three inches around my outline stitch. Picked up an package of ironing board padding and cut it to the shape of the ironing board. Cut out the fabric piece. Serged the edges. Centered the padding onto the wrong side of my cutout fabric piece pinning in place. Folded an 5/8 inch hem. Sewed the padding in place and the hem leaving a one inch opening. Cut out the desired length of a cord and threaded it through the hem casing. Pulled to adjust the size.

Preparing cover for sewing

Preparing cover for sewing

Finished Ironing Board cover Another view of my new ironing board cover.