Table Cloth Redo!

White table cloth

My girlfriend gave me two oblong damask table cloths. I fell in love with them as they are so elegant looking. The predicament lied in the fact that I have one super large dining room table, and a round table in our kitchen nook. Most round tablecloths are 70 inches and the overhang drape is a bit too long, especially with a puppy who loves to play.

Hence began the task of converting the oblong table cloth into a 60 inch round table cloth. The process used is as follows:

1. Fold the table cloth in half and pin the hem line to prevent slippage.
2. Fold it in half again now you have an arc.
3. Fold in half once more so now your piece resembles a pizza slice. Here is where I re-pin the hem. Measuring from the point the desired length. In this case, I measured our 30 inches. I then marked a new hemline along the wider edge.
4. Cut off excess fabric.
5. I surge the raw edge and then make a rolled hem.


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