Happy Sea Horse

I was very intrigued with button artwork and wanted to try it. So, after scouring through children’s coloring books, I selected a seahorse. I cut out a 6.50 inch circle of fabric. I used a remnant piece of ivory permanent-press cotton. Serged the edge. Then I traced the seahorse and outlined it using embroidery floss. I contemplated a black outline, but, changed my mind and went with dark green.

Embroidered Outline Stitching

Embroidered Outline Stitching

Next step was to get the hoop ready. Using ribbon from my ribbon drawer, I used about a 5 inch piece. I hot glued it in place and wrapped it around then glued the opposite edge to the hoop, thereby, making the loop.

Ribbon Hanging Loop hot glued in place.

Ribbon Hanging Loop hot glued in place.

Happy Seahorse As I wanted to make it whimsical, I selected green and blue buttons scattering them as I glued them.

Once done, I simply assembled the artwork in the hoop.

Assembled Artwork

Assembled Artwork


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