Button Artwork–Gold Fish

A gold fish is the selection for the next button art project.

Using the same process described in earlier posts, here’s the embroidered outline.
Outlined Gold Fish

Happy Gold Fish

Ocean Babies

Felt in the mood to create a few more button art projects. First step, start with a blank canvas. In this case it is a fabric circle approximately 6.5 inches in diameter and serged.

The next step to to draw an outline of the desired animal baby. The choice for this one is a whale. I wanted it to be whimsical. To enhance the outline, I selected purple embroidery floss and the outline stitch.


Using the purple color family, I selected an assortment of sizes and hues. Using a hot glue gun, the task of affixing the buttons began.


After letting the glue set, which only takes a couple of moments, the assembly of the fabric to the embroidery hoop occurred. Voila, the baby whale is done.

Happy Sea Horse

I was very intrigued with button artwork and wanted to try it. So, after scouring through children’s coloring books, I selected a seahorse. I cut out a 6.50 inch circle of fabric. I used a remnant piece of ivory permanent-press cotton. Serged the edge. Then I traced the seahorse and outlined it using embroidery floss. I contemplated a black outline, but, changed my mind and went with dark green.

Embroidered Outline Stitching

Embroidered Outline Stitching

Next step was to get the hoop ready. Using ribbon from my ribbon drawer, I used about a 5 inch piece. I hot glued it in place and wrapped it around then glued the opposite edge to the hoop, thereby, making the loop.

Ribbon Hanging Loop hot glued in place.

Ribbon Hanging Loop hot glued in place.

Happy Seahorse As I wanted to make it whimsical, I selected green and blue buttons scattering them as I glued them.

Once done, I simply assembled the artwork in the hoop.

Assembled Artwork

Assembled Artwork

Table Cloth Redo!

White table cloth

My girlfriend gave me two oblong damask table cloths. I fell in love with them as they are so elegant looking. The predicament lied in the fact that I have one super large dining room table, and a round table in our kitchen nook. Most round tablecloths are 70 inches and the overhang drape is a bit too long, especially with a puppy who loves to play.

Hence began the task of converting the oblong table cloth into a 60 inch round table cloth. The process used is as follows:

1. Fold the table cloth in half and pin the hem line to prevent slippage.
2. Fold it in half again now you have an arc.
3. Fold in half once more so now your piece resembles a pizza slice. Here is where I re-pin the hem. Measuring from the point the desired length. In this case, I measured our 30 inches. I then marked a new hemline along the wider edge.
4. Cut off excess fabric.
5. I surge the raw edge and then make a rolled hem.

Splash of Color Table Skirt

Brightening up the Guest Bathroom

Brightening up the Guest Bathroom

With Spring in bloom, I wanted to add some color to our guest bathroom. I found in my fabric stash this fabric remnant so I cut it down to the desired size. Just sewed a rolled hem and the table skirt is done.

Hooded Bath Towel

Hooded Bath Towel

Finally figured out how to fix my sewing machine. Of course, I will have to take it to a “professional” soon. But, at least I got it working.

This project was made using 1/2 of a hand towel and a large matching bath towel. Usually, I add a bias trim but decided not to. Added some whimsical appliques just to spruce it up. This one is going to my grand niece.

Springing in to Spring

Loving Spring in Las Vegas so much that we started a container garden.Container Garden 4

Container Garden 5

Container Garden 7

Container Garden

It is always so rewarding to go out and harvest produce for a nice salad from your own garden. Looking forward to an overflowing abundance. Planted Roma Tomatoes, bell peppers (red, green, orange and purple), green onions and bush beans. Planted a separate spice box containing cilantro, sweet basis and rosemary.

Sea of Green Embroidered Tablecloth

finished table cloth

Cross stitched table cloth

Table cloth is a No-iron, soil-release fabric of 33% polyester and 67% Linen.

Finally finished this tablecloth! I like how it turned out.