Crafting–Change of Pace

After all the holiday sewing, I am taking a hiatus from sewing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still crafting, but, not sewing. So, have I tweaked your curiosity?

I am engaged in an embroidery project–a very large rectangular table cloth. It is a cross-stitch repeating patterns of chevrons and intertwining lines that make up parallelograms. These motifs make up a border trim. The center of the table cloth also has a large rectangle in this motif. Each chevron consists of 111 x’s. Each parallelogram is comprised of 214 x’s. As the border rows intersects with a corner chevron that consists of 105 x’s. The entire project uses three shades of green.

Here’s what the design looks like.

Cross-stitch parallelogram with chevrons.

Cross-stitch parallelogram with chevrons.

A finished side of the table cloth looks like this …
Capturing a Corner

I’m enjoying myself on this project, but, it is time-consuming. I think it makes a great winter project.


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