Crafting–Change of Pace

After all the holiday sewing, I am taking a hiatus from sewing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still crafting, but, not sewing. So, have I tweaked your curiosity?

I am engaged in an embroidery project–a very large rectangular table cloth. It is a cross-stitch repeating patterns of chevrons and intertwining lines that make up parallelograms. These motifs make up a border trim. The center of the table cloth also has a large rectangle in this motif. Each chevron consists of 111 x’s. Each parallelogram is comprised of 214 x’s. As the border rows intersects with a corner chevron that consists of 105 x’s. The entire project uses three shades of green.

Here’s what the design looks like.

Cross-stitch parallelogram with chevrons.

Cross-stitch parallelogram with chevrons.

A finished side of the table cloth looks like this …
Capturing a Corner

I’m enjoying myself on this project, but, it is time-consuming. I think it makes a great winter project.

More Touches for Getting Ready for Spring

Since I’m still in the mood for sprucing up the house for Spring, I have added the following touches.  To the guest powder room, I added this lovely floral bouquet.    The soft peach and mauve colors accent the colors in the table skirt.  It is so great to be able to use the table skirt again.

This rustic bouquet fits nicely in this corner and I can continue to use this table skirt.

The mantle was dressed to look like this… Bit of Whimsy

In the living room Spring bouquets and stuff animals help to bright up the room.

Cuddling Duo

Splash of Green

The entry way, now, has some personality. . .
Colorful Sculpture

Stately Tree

And a simple elegance for the dining table . . .
Simple Elegance

Now, we are ready for Spring!

Sprucing Up Our House

Once, the Christmas Season is over and all of the decorations are stored, our home looked bare. So, I’m starting to get ready for Spring. I thought I’d get out seasonal decorations for Valentine’s Day. But, then I thought it would be best to do a generic Spring touch. Then I can add seasonal touches for each of the upcoming seasons such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Subsequently, I purchased two grapevine wreaths. I decorated them with silk flowers. Here’s what they look like.

Silk Pansies.

Silk Pansies.

The second wreath, using the surplus pansies ended up looking like this…

Pansies, ivy leaves and a butterfly .

Pansies, ivy leaves and a butterfly .

Then I picked up large African Lilies. I picked up several of these tall green pails as part of a bargain. The tin pail is the perfect container for these Spring blossoms, don’t you think so?

African Lilly Bouquet. As a finishing touch, I added two branches of baby’s breath. Now, my entryway table looks bright.

Our home is now cheerier with these splashes of spring.

Hello to 2015 and Goodbye to 2014

Happy New Year!  Wishing you the best in 2015-1

Wrapping up the Holiday Season with reflection moments.


2014 was a very good year wherein we enjoyed major life events: Our oldest daughter’s wedding, relocation to Vegas and setting up our new home, cross country driving trip, nephew’s wedding in New Orleans, Vegas family reunion this Christmas. Wow! How did we get through all of this.

Craft wise–2014 was very productive. 60 projects were completed. The majority of these projects were sewing projects (clothes, home decor, and toys); crochet and knitting projects. Many of these were previously shared on this blog or on my Craftsy and Ravelry sites. The highlight of my sewing include two projects. The first is the hop scotch mat.

And the second is my quilted holly garland. holly garland

Now, it’s January and a new year. It is time to start planning future crafting projects and generating a list of projects to work on. There will definitely be some mending. I want to work on a few more hooded bath towels. Definitely, there will be a few more aprons. My youngest will need a couple of scrub tops and perhaps a pair of cargo pants. Other than sewing I have several embroidery projects I’d like to get to. I’m also thinking about a couple of quilted, knitted or crocheted lap blankets. And to wrap up the year, I’d like to make a few holiday decorations.

Ohh! Getting excited and wanting to start! Happy Crafting!