Holly Garlands

In looking though the Pinterest posts, I was taken by a January 2014 post from a blog called, The House that Lars Built.  It focused over-sized holly and berry paper garland.  Here is the picture from that post.

Paper Holly Garland 3 I was really captivated by this idea.  So, I put my sewing skills to work.

I found a holly leaf pattern and cut out holly leaves in three different green fabric. Using an assembly line process, all leaves were cut out (using two leaves to make a single holly leaf.  I wanted each leaf to have body so I added a batting piece.  In sewing the leaves together, I left a 2 inch opening and stitched a 1/4 seam.  I clipped the edges and trimmed the corner peaks to make crisp points after turning them. I topped stitches each leaf and made a center vein line as well.

When assembling, all leaves were hand stitched onto a fabric band the length of the banister plus 12 inches.  The band was made using extra wide bias tape.  I cut out two lengths and ironed them out and sewed them together like you would for a sash.  The raw edges were tucked in and stitched closed.  Additional ties were cut out from the same bias tape trim about a foot long.  In total I used four of these ties and stitched them to the band evenly.  This helped in keeping the finished garland taunt. The holly berries were made from red felt and tacked onto the garland.

Here’s what my finished holly and berry garland looked like.

Fabric Holly Garland with Felt Berries

Fabric Holly Garland with Felt Berries

holly garland

I had fun making this garland and have plans on making additional ones for next year.


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