New Sewing Room

Its been about a month and half since we moved into our new home.  Priority focus was in setting up our kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, master bedroom and a guest room.  Now that, that is done, I’ve started in on my sewing room.  A marked improvement from the blank slate posted here.

Cutting table in one corner facing the street to capture some of the natural lighting.cutting table

The full wall on left side adjacent wall is where I decided to set up my sewing station.


This picture was taken during the unpacking stage.  

Then I converted the closet space into a storage space to hold my sewing notions. 

Sewing Notions             IMG_0738  Every thing is labeled.




Here is the room that has been designated as my sewing room. It is about 11 x 11. There is one window that will give me ample lighting.

Looks out onto Kelsford Drive

Looks out onto Kelsford Drive

I’ve decided to set up my sewing station around the perimeter of the room. Along with my cutting table.

The closet
This closet is perfect to hold my staking bins containing my notions and threads.

Hubby will have to install a few shelves on one wall. I will have to put wheels on my dress form to make her mobile. The ironing board set up will be a challenge.

Hope to be posting more showing-the-progress pics of my crafting hideaway.


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