Pastel Top

Wanted to make a summer top for one of my daughters. Since I’m in a crocheting mood, I made another crocheted yoke top. The basic yoke is the same; however, I changed the edging.

yoke close up

The edging contains a three-row fan pattern–wherein the last row of the fan is made with popcorn stitch. The original pattern calls for this pattern to be repeated one more time. Because I worked in knit cro-sheen I worked in double strand. I wanted a richer texture. As I was running low on thread, I altered the yoke pattern by crocheting two rows of sc, ch3, sc. My last row was done in a single strand and consists of 5 dc fan.

varigated pastel yoke

I then altered a simple t-shirt pattern by making narrower shoulder seams. I used a cotton knit for the body. All edges were serged. Armholes and neckline were done in a simple folder over hem. The yoke was attached at the neckline with a row of machine stitching.

finished top

close up--top


3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jul 03, 2014 @ 08:30:05

    Is this pattern available?


  2. redbamsews
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 11:42:32

    This was not a published pattern. I modified it from a sample I had. The sample neck opening was to small for me. Using the same format, I made it for my measurements.. Here’s what I did…
    Part 1: Chained 175 joining together to make my neckline. ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 3, skip 1 ch, sc; repeat. This makes the mesh looking portion. I did this until the piece was about 1 inch.
    Part 2: Fan Pattern–R1–at the joining stitch, *sc, ch 3, (3x); 8 dc in next ch* repeat ** R2–sc, ch 3, in each dc of fan; dc, ch1, dc: Repeat till end of row.
    R3–sc. ch 3 in dc; make popcorn st in each dc of fan. Repeat till end of row.

    Part 3: sc, ch 3 sc. till end of row.
    Repeat Fan Pattern. Bind off.
    Finishing: at neckline–one row of sc.

    Another variations–I followed this process until I got to the second repeat of the fan pattern. I made several rows of just sc, ch 3, sc until I got the effect I wanted. This makes it look a little daintier.

    A third variation was done by switching out the popcorn stitch for a cluster stitch.

    Hope this helps.


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