A Touch of Van Gogh

A salute to Van Gogh was my inspiration for this jersey knit sleeveless shirt-waist dress.

Shirt waist sleeveless dress

When I sewed my vintage shirt-waist dress (previous post) I had to make several pattern adjustments. So, I dug out my tablet with all my pattern drafting notes, and decided to make me a bodice slooper. So, I went about making my basic pattern.

Slooper Pattern

Slooper Pattern 2

Then, using remnant pieces, I sewed up a muslin-like prototype.

bodice sloper

This allowed me to see that the front and back lengths were too short. So, I added to the lengths. Now, I have a basic that fits quite well.

Satisfied, I then went to my fabric stash and found this lovely piece of fabric that reminded me of Van Gogh’s art.

I made a skirt pattern–I wanted a slightly gathered skirt. Then instead of making the gathers all along the waistline I moved the gathers toward the side seams. I did not want a back zipper so I put a side zipper in. I lined the skirt portion of the dress. The neckline and armholes were topped stitched to add more detail.

To spice up the dress, I crocheted a single braid type of trim. Then in my treasure box, I found an ivory square belt buckle. Placing the buckle in the front center, I pinned the trim to the bodice top and sewed it onto the dress. Presto! A mock belt.

Crocheted belt and ivory buckle


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