Needlework Escapades

Since my last post, I rediscovered lonely projects that were set aside.  I’ve spent the last few weeks completing them.  The first one completed was a lacy knit shrug.  It is made with claret colored chenille yarn.  It was worked in a one-piece process.  I started with the ribbing of one sleeve then worked the body and ended with the ribbing of the second sleeve.  Each sleeve ribbing was stitched closed and the shrug was done.


The next waiting project was a crocheted baby blanket using the African flower hexagon.  This blanket went to Project Linus.  It was made of 24 hexagons.  Diamond shaped pieces were used when piecing them all together along with 4 triangle pieces in the header and footer rows.



Now, reinvigorated with the crafting bug, I went through my box of unfinished projects and pulled out another crocheted piece.  This one was a lacy top made in knit cro-sheen thread.


I think I’ve finished my stash of unfinished projects.  I’m off to start a new set of projects. 


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