Reflection on 2013

sewing lady

Thought it was about time to reflect on all of the different types of craft projects worked on in 2013. In total I made 90 different projects. The bulk of these were sewn. Others were either knitted, crocheted or embroidered. After retiring, I took a silk embroidery class wherein I worked on embellishing t-shirts. Here’s an example …

Wisteria Close Up

From my adventures with my sewing machine I made several scrub sets for one of my daughters. I made several short dresses. A multitude of lap quilts were also made. Then there were fun items like the Japanese Knot bag, pin cushions, quilted baby bibs, aprons and hostess towels. My needle escapades included knitted or crochet afghans and baby blankets. Novelty gift items included a crocheted produce bag.

As the year ended, my girlfriend and I participated in our first craft fair. We were delighted with the success of our booth.
Three Crafters

Once the craft fair was done, I set about cleaning and organizing my craft room. Now, I’m set for 2014.


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