Baby Quilt

Finished project

Finished project

Found this beautiful fabric that would be perfect for a bay quilt.  Love the warmth of the light yellow.  A yellow gingham worked well for the back layer.  Lucky for me, I had yellow gingham bias tape for the binding.  Tried to be creative with the quilting stitch so I made rows of connecting hearts.  Not bad for my first attempt at a free hand machine quilting stitch.  Normally, I use a series of intersecting lines.  This was much better as it shows the love that went into making this baby quilt.  Finished measurements about 44 x 45 inches.

Closeup of Baby Quilt  Here’s a close up the front (top) layer.  Loved the little animals on the light yellow background.  You can see a bit of the heart quilting rows.

Baby Quilt Taking Shape  The finished blanket drying after removing the quilting lines.  Good think the pen used water based ink.

Gingham background  Gingham background allows the heart quilting lines to stand out.  Just a light pressing and its ready for the craft fair.


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