Clown Pillow

Clown pillow

In looking through my crafting supplies I found this adorable clown pillow.  So, I cut it out, stitched it up, and stuffed it.  It goes onto my craft fair table.  Hope it will make some little one happy.

Japanese Knot Bag

I wanted to make a little bag to use when I go out for my mall walk or just running errands.  After searching the web, I found this one online.

Online Find

Online Find

So after down loading the pattern (pattern can be found on Helen Heath’s site– and putting it together, I was ready to cut out my bag using two pieces Fat Quarters.  I liked the green and black circles and used a solid olive green fabric for the lining.  Following the directions, I used an iron interfacing.  Instead of using cardboard in the circle bottom, I used a piece of green felt.  I added a couple of circular sewing lines for a quilting effect.  The trick to assembling this bag is the handles.  That took some time.

My Japanese Knot bag Japanese Knot Bag 3  My lining looks black but it is actually an olive green.  My bag is big enough to hold car keys, wallet and cell phone.  Used it today during my mall walk and errand run.  Pretty nifty.

Tea Towel Apron

Touch of Christmas

Touch of Christmas


Had several Christmas tea towels lying around in my stash bin.  So, I found a pattern for a Tea Towel Apron.  Stumbled onto a wonder sewing blog,  The site is designed to help young girls create simple sewing projects.  Once such project is called Tea Towel Apron.  The site offers a free pattern.  I used quilt binding for the waist ties.  I made my ties 27 inches in length.  The neck band was made from a 24 inch piece of double fold bias.  Sewed closed the long sides and the short sides and just attached.  On the inside I put a 6 inch hidden pocket.  Thought it would be a neat way to hold a tissue or a cell phone.  Another item for the craft fair.


Baby Quilt

Finished project

Finished project

Found this beautiful fabric that would be perfect for a bay quilt.  Love the warmth of the light yellow.  A yellow gingham worked well for the back layer.  Lucky for me, I had yellow gingham bias tape for the binding.  Tried to be creative with the quilting stitch so I made rows of connecting hearts.  Not bad for my first attempt at a free hand machine quilting stitch.  Normally, I use a series of intersecting lines.  This was much better as it shows the love that went into making this baby quilt.  Finished measurements about 44 x 45 inches.

Closeup of Baby Quilt  Here’s a close up the front (top) layer.  Loved the little animals on the light yellow background.  You can see a bit of the heart quilting rows.

Baby Quilt Taking Shape  The finished blanket drying after removing the quilting lines.  Good think the pen used water based ink.

Gingham background  Gingham background allows the heart quilting lines to stand out.  Just a light pressing and its ready for the craft fair.