Quilting Projects

Shifting sewing projects to home décor, I decided that it was time to return to my machine quilting projects.  Hunting through my fabric stash, I found fabric for the following projects.  Some of these will go toward Project Linus while others will be either sold or given away as presents.


Bumble Bee Quilt   This lap quilt measures 44 x 44 inches.  The top layer is a field of bumble bees.  It is trimmed using yellow extra wide double fold bias tape.

Princess Quilt Fabric 032  The next quilt was made using a princess motif top layer and a pale pink bottom layer.  Medium weight batting was used as well as a hot pink double fold bias tape trim.  This quilt went to our grand niece to use during name time at preschool.  She loves her fairy tale princesses.

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt  I stumbled across these two Sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks so I attached them to a red printed fabric, from my fabric stash, and then used this new fabric piece for the top layer of a Sunbonnet Sue lap quilt.  Then I used a mauve printed fabric piece for the back panel.

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt back  You can see the quilted lines on the reverse.  All quilting is machine quilting.  I simply used the squares from the front as my template for these quilting lines.  I used brick red double fold bias trim for the edging.

Now, the finished product looks like this ….

Sunbonnet Sue quilt 1  The entire piece is about 44 by 45 inches.

I then found this floral flannel fabric and decided to make a two-sided flannel quilt for Project Linus.

Sunburst Floral Quilt Close up       I used a medium weight batting and  lemon yellow double fold bias tape for this one.  Machine quilting was done in simple vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.  This quilt is about 44 x 44 inches.

My next two projects were constructed using pre-quilted fabric so all I had to do was cut the desigred length and add mataching bias trim.  These are abour 44 x by 72 inches.  I thought these would be good for teenage boys.  Here is what the royal blue quilt looks like.

Royal Blue Quilt  The flip side looks like this.  Royal Blue Quilt 2  I actually have enough fabric to make another one just like this.  I could only make one because I ran out of bias tape.  The stores in Hilo did not have any to match.  Meant a trip to the fabric store, JoAnn’s, when I’m on vacation, to pick up more bias tape.  Ahhhh, shucks!

I have the following green pre-quilted fabric to make similar size quilts (like the blue ones above).  I just need lime green bias tape.

Here’s what the green fabric looks like.  Green Quilt  I think these will turn out nicely as well.

Happy Sewing.



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