Sizzling Red Orange Tee

Saw a phone on a sewing blog and loved the look of a refashioned tee shirt trimmed with ribbon roses.  Ribbon roses—who would have thought could add so much interest to a tee shirt.  So, I got out a commercially made tee shirt from my closet.  I found one I seldom wore.  I, then, went hunting in my “trim” drawer and discovered a supply of 2.5 inch wide ribbon.

close up

The challenge came in figuring out how to make a ribbon rose.  Searching the internet for directions, I watched several tutorial videos.  After watching them I thought I was ready to begin.  But, alas, I ran into a roadblock when my rose did not resemble the ones in the video.

Thankful for a dear friend, who is also a sewing enthusiast, my project was no loner doomed.  After learning the basic technique from her, I spent some time practicing.  As soon as I was confident, I started my collection of red roses.  I used pieces of ribbon measuring 24 inches in length.

ribbon rose tee

After my roses were made, I arranged them on my sewing table in the pattern of the neckline.  Satisfied with the layout, I singed the raw edges, on the underside, so they would hold up after laundering.

Starting at the middle of the neckline, in this case the point of the V-neckline, I secured the first rose.  I then alternated attaching roses on each side of the middle point working up the neckline.  Note that each rose will vary in its appearance.  This adds a realistic look.  For a dramatic effect, I added one more rose below the anchor rose.

Ribbon Roses

Ribbon Roses


Now, I have an interesting new blouse to add to my wardrobe.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Judy
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 07:58:31

    It’s both and interesting and lovely new blouse. Great job on the roses!


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