Summer Tees

Earlier I posted about a spring tee. Well I decided, that with summer on the horizon and with forecasts of how hot it will likely be, that a few more of these tops would certainly enhance my wardrobe. Going to my cache of cotton knits proved profitable. The original tee was a large, so now I wanted to play with sizing. Next on the list was a medium size.

My first find was a apple green piece of fabric decorated with hot pink roses.

A splash of roses

A splash of roses

The second find was a blue checkered print.

Square and blue

Square and blue

Now, that mediums were done. I wanted to scale down the pattern to a small. So the piece that reminds me of an artist’s palette remained and the result is …

Pastel Palette

Pastel Palette

So as not to get confused, I created sizing tabs using double-folded bias tape. Just a small piece about 5/8’s of inch long serged into a seam work wonders. Using a sharpie pen, I was able to write in the size.


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