Improving Scrub Pants

Recently, I’ve sewed scrub tops for one of my daughters. I love the top pattern. However, I’m working at improving the pants pattern. First scrub pants was a gray pair with an elastic waistline. My daughter loved it, but, challenged me to adding drawstring. So, I worked on another pair of scrub pants. These were black. I put elastic on the back waistline and added a drawtring to the front waistline. She liked that one. She gave me another challenge. She wanted a full elastic waistline and a full drawstring waistline—all in one.

With this new challenge, I went to work modifying the existing pattern. I added 1.5 inches to the existing waistline. After sewing the pants and with only the waistline to do, I serged the raw edge. I folded down 1.5 inches and pressed the folded edge. Using the front seam line as my center focus, I measured 5/8’s inch on each side and stitched a buttonhole.

For the next step, I measured 5/8’s inch down from the pressed line and stitched a row of stitches creating my casing for the elastic. I left a 1.5 inch opening. I inserted the elastic in the casing, over lapped the edges, and stitched them together. I then stretched the waistline so I could stitch up the opening. Now that the casing and elastic insert are done I had to work on creating another casing for the drawstring. Finding the center point of the drawstring, I pinned it to the center back. Then I pulled the drawstring ends through the button holes. Stretching out the waistband, I pinned the casing over the drawstring, being careful not to catch the drawstring. Then I sewed down the casing edge.

Improved Scrub Pants

Here’s a close up of the waistline.

Drawstring/Elastic Waistline

So, when I place the purple and black top with this improved scrub pants, I get ….

The Black/Pruple Set

I’m pleased that I met her challenge and I hope she will like it. I’m still not satisifed with the casing part. I am going to make another pair but add 2 inches for the casing. Can’t wait to get started.


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  1. Judy
    May 13, 2013 @ 15:06:57

    Those look ultimately comfortable! I love the idea of a waistband with both a drawstring and elastic. I bet your daughter will be thrilled with the new variation.


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