Peach Floral T-Shirt

Orange Flora T-shirt dress

I wanted to sew the dress on the Simplicity 1808 pattern and I discovered this beautiful peach floral single knit piece in my fabric stash. It was an interesting piece to sew. As always when sewing a pattern for the first time, I try to stay true to the sewing directions.

Front Neckline Here is a close up of the front yoke neckline. Instead of bust darts, a slight gathering was used to provide fullness.

003 Here is a closer look at the back yoke. The V-neckline makes this pattern different from most t-shirt dresses. The directions for the V point was quite confusing. Luckily, I have some sewing experience so I was able to adapt my sewing in this area. I did not want the point to be thick. I did a lot of clipping and trimmed the seam so that it would lie flat. Turned out pretty well.

Keep sewing and enjoy!

Floral Enhancement

Floral Neckline

Mock Floral Lei

Mock Floral Lei

Got this inspiration from Sachiko’s blog, Tea Rose I was so taken by her tee shirt that I wanted to try it. I modified it a bit by only embleshing the front neckline and by adding more flowers. I made 22 flowers. Now, it looks like I’m wearing a lei. No need for adornments.

Nice way to refashion a store-bought tee shirt. Thanks Sachiko for the inspiration.

Light-weight Sleeve Top

The sewing phase continues with a switch to dressier tops. Within the last couple of days, I’ve completed two. The first one is depicted below.

Ruffled Knit Top

This top was made using Simplicity Sew Simple 1831 pattern. It is done up in a Jersey Knit fabric. As you can see, it is a sleeve top. The armholes were done in a bias trim using the same fabric as the blouse. A bib of three rows of short ruffles were added to the front neckline with the top row sewn into the neckline facing. This blouse can be completed in one afternoon. I think it will be ideal for traveling as the Jersey knit fabric packs well and won’t take up too much room in a suitcase.

Summer Tees

Earlier I posted about a spring tee. Well I decided, that with summer on the horizon and with forecasts of how hot it will likely be, that a few more of these tops would certainly enhance my wardrobe. Going to my cache of cotton knits proved profitable. The original tee was a large, so now I wanted to play with sizing. Next on the list was a medium size.

My first find was a apple green piece of fabric decorated with hot pink roses.

A splash of roses

A splash of roses

The second find was a blue checkered print.

Square and blue

Square and blue

Now, that mediums were done. I wanted to scale down the pattern to a small. So the piece that reminds me of an artist’s palette remained and the result is …

Pastel Palette

Pastel Palette

So as not to get confused, I created sizing tabs using double-folded bias tape. Just a small piece about 5/8’s of inch long serged into a seam work wonders. Using a sharpie pen, I was able to write in the size.

Final Call on Scrubs

Final Touches

Final Touches

Three new sets of scrubs.

After several attempts, I’m now satisfied with the scrub set pattern. Actually, the top was perfect, no tinkering required. The pants, however, needed adjustments. Original version called for an elastic waistline. That was the first gray pants previously posted. First adjustment add a drawstring as well. The drawstring was added to the front wasitline as evidenced by the first black pair previously posted. Still not satisfied, a third version was required that included an elastic waistline and a full drawstring waistline. To achieve this I had to add 1.75 inches to the top waistline, thereby increasing the width of the casing. This is captured in the second pair of black pants. Now satsified, I sewed another gray pair and a burgundy pair. These would match the previously sewed scrub tops.

All were packaged and mailed. Now, just waiting for the surprise of their receipt. One happy, happy, happy and smart-looking daughter.

Improving Scrub Pants

Recently, I’ve sewed scrub tops for one of my daughters. I love the top pattern. However, I’m working at improving the pants pattern. First scrub pants was a gray pair with an elastic waistline. My daughter loved it, but, challenged me to adding drawstring. So, I worked on another pair of scrub pants. These were black. I put elastic on the back waistline and added a drawtring to the front waistline. She liked that one. She gave me another challenge. She wanted a full elastic waistline and a full drawstring waistline—all in one.

With this new challenge, I went to work modifying the existing pattern. I added 1.5 inches to the existing waistline. After sewing the pants and with only the waistline to do, I serged the raw edge. I folded down 1.5 inches and pressed the folded edge. Using the front seam line as my center focus, I measured 5/8’s inch on each side and stitched a buttonhole.

For the next step, I measured 5/8’s inch down from the pressed line and stitched a row of stitches creating my casing for the elastic. I left a 1.5 inch opening. I inserted the elastic in the casing, over lapped the edges, and stitched them together. I then stretched the waistline so I could stitch up the opening. Now that the casing and elastic insert are done I had to work on creating another casing for the drawstring. Finding the center point of the drawstring, I pinned it to the center back. Then I pulled the drawstring ends through the button holes. Stretching out the waistband, I pinned the casing over the drawstring, being careful not to catch the drawstring. Then I sewed down the casing edge.

Improved Scrub Pants

Here’s a close up of the waistline.

Drawstring/Elastic Waistline

So, when I place the purple and black top with this improved scrub pants, I get ….

The Black/Pruple Set

I’m pleased that I met her challenge and I hope she will like it. I’m still not satisifed with the casing part. I am going to make another pair but add 2 inches for the casing. Can’t wait to get started.

Coral Aloha Print Dress

I bought this pattern because it had a basic silhouette with multiple variations. The pattern came in an array of sizes as well.
The Pattern

I decided that instead of pleats I would gather the skirt between the bust points. I also wanted to have sleeves so I selected the regular sleeve pattern. As I did not want to detract from the fabric design, I wanted to trim the neckline and bodice seams with a trim. I could not find anything to meet my needs so a friend of mine using yellow-orange satin, made my bias trim. I think the yellow-orange satin really matches and brings out the yellow from the print.

Bias Tape Trimmings

Bebe Dress in Coral

Bebe Dress in Coral

Bebe Dress

This is a comfortable dress. If I make it again, I think I will reduce the skirt width so that the amount that needs to be gathered is less.

Here, I am modeling my new dress.