Sweet Stripes Toddler’s Blanket

After either knitting or crocheting baby blankets, I wanted to make a blanket for a toddler. So, I went to my yarn stash to see what I had. I found three skeins of Bernat Baby Coordinates. Two skeins were melon verigated yarn and one white skein. The finished size of this blanket is 42 inches wide by 49 inches long. There are three sections each approximately 17 inches. So, I casted on 164 stitches and worked the bottom border in the moss stitch. The body of the blanket was done using the stockinette stitch. I find that I normally used a size 10 circular needle.

Toddler's Blanket

This is what the blanket looked like when I drapped it over the setee. But, I wanted you to see the corner, so here is a closer look at one of the corners.

Corner showing border stitch

Corner showing border stitch

This blanket was done mainly in the evening hours. I started it on March 19, 2013 and finished it on April 4, 2013.


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