Yarn Stash

As it is with anyone who loves to work with yarn, I had an abundance supply of singleton skeins and partial skeins that were left over from previous projects. Thanks to my girlfriend and fellow crafter, Elaine, I was inspired to organize the ever-growing mound of stashed yarns. So, I gathered them all up and placed them into two 10-gallon plastic bins. Slowly, I’ve started organizing them by color families and rolling them into smaller balls. Additionally, I’ve kept them in groupings by yarn weights. For example, all sports weight remnants and baby yarn were grouped together.

Overflowing Mound of Yarn

Overflowing Mound of Yarn

Color Families

Color Families

My goal is to go through the first bin and roll up any partial skeins and bag them according to color families. This will be an ongoing project as I can do this at night while watching television. My sweet hubby has been kind enough to help me roll the yarn into balls. This organizational project will make yarn easily and readily available for future projects. Gearing up for happy needlecrafting.


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  1. Judy
    Mar 06, 2013 @ 19:54:32

    It’s great to be organized…”I have a dream” 🙂 I took the easy way out with my leftover skeins and pieces of skeins. I passed them on to my daughter. She’s been putting the yarn to good use making scarves and other small projects.


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