Circus Fever!

Frontal View

Frontal View

Looking through my fabric stash, I found a pre-printed fabric panel (top layer) depicting a circus theme. What a perfect piece to turn into a toddler’s quilt.

With so much color on the top layer, I wanted to have the bottom layer a bit more subtle. So, I selected an animal design with a pastel blue background. Didn’t have quite enough to use as a single piece so I thought of using the pastel blue gray and alternate the two, thereby, making stripes.

Reverse Side

Reverse Side

I think it turned out okay.

A medium weight batting was used. I hand basted all three layers so I could add simple straight stitching lines as part of the quilting process.

Both Sides

Both Sides

Here you can see both layers.

To finish it off I added a bright yellow bias trim. All basting stitches were removed, the finished quilt ironed, folded up and now stored. This one will be a donated item. Not sure if it is headed for Project Linus or to a school fundraising bazaar.


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