January 2013 Reading Log

While visiting my daughters in St. Louis, I stumbled across The Bartered Bride Collection.



This book is a compilation of nine historical romances under the context of arranged marriages or contract marriages.  As each story unravels, you find yourself submerged in the plight of each woman and how she survives what destiny has placed in her path.  Settings are varied and span from the Mississippi’s swamplands, along the Oregon Trail, and to the Rocky Mountain foothills.  Each story allows you to go back in time and experience what life must have been like.  You actually get a feel for what it was like to life in a wagon (the narrowness, the limited space).  You also experience the hardships they encountered as they traveled on toward new lands and homes.

The nine stories are:

Joie De Vivre                                                  by Lynette Sowell

Button String Bride                                        by Cathy Marie Hake

The Wedding Wagon                                      by Cathy Marie Hake

From Halter to Altar                                       by Cathy Marie Hake

From Carriage to Marriage                              by Janelle Burnham Schneider

From Pride to Bride                                        by JoAnn A. Grote

From Alarming to Charming                           by Pamela Kaye Tracy

A Vow Unbroken                                           b Amy Rognlie

Finishing Touches                                           by Kelly Eileen Hake


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