Candy Stripes

candy stripe toddler's blanket

finished blanket

3/5/13–Update–Project completed.

3/2/13–Update…work still in progress. Length is now up to 32 inches. Steady progress underway.

2/25/13–Update… Work still in progress. Length is now up to 23 inches. Steady progress underway.

Candy Stripe Blanket 2

Candy Stripe Blanket

With the very cold and rainy weather, I find myself on a path of knitting or crocheting. Beginning a third needlecraft project, this one is a blanket for a toddler. If all goes well, it should be at least 36 by 40 inches. I found nine skeins of this verigated yarn and thought it would make a wonderful blanket.

The edges are done in the moss stitch. The body was supposed to made in a modified farrow rib pattern, however, when I tried this it did not lend itself to the outcome. The pattern competed with the verigated yarn So I changed the stitch pattern for the body of the blanket to consist of just two rows (repeated). Row 1 is knit 3, purl 1 till the border. Markers are used for easy transition at the side borders. Row 2 is purl 3, knit 1.

I will post pictures of the finished project once I’m done.

Stripes Abounding

Finished Stripes Abound

Stitch close up

Finally finished this project (2/16/13). This year is dedicated to finishing up any work-in-progress projects or “put aside” projects.

Stripes Abound

Switching needlecrafts from knitting to crocheting. I put this afghan aside a while ago. Decided it was time to resume crocheting this project. Using the shell stitch in alternating colors results in abounding stripes. Attached is a close up of the shell pattern.


Cozy Red Hot Red Comfort

The project I started back in December to keep me busy during the Christmas Holidays is finally completed. I started this lap blanket when we left for our month-long Christmas Vaction in Missouri. Here is a picture of my progress by the time I got home. While visiting our daughters, this knitting project was a great filler.

Red Hot Afghan

Red Hot Afghan

Once I got home I did not focus only on knitting. Other crafts shared my crafting time slots. For example, I returned to my Silk Ribbon Embroidery class, which is once a week for 2 hours. I normally start a project and then carve out several hours during the rest of the week to finish it. I also got back to working on my machine quilting projects. Subsequently, I divide my craft time amongst knitting, crocheting, sewing, and embroidery.

Here is a picture of the finished project. It measures 43 inches by 45 inches.

Lap Blanket

Lap Blanket

Circus Fever!

Frontal View

Frontal View

Looking through my fabric stash, I found a pre-printed fabric panel (top layer) depicting a circus theme. What a perfect piece to turn into a toddler’s quilt.

With so much color on the top layer, I wanted to have the bottom layer a bit more subtle. So, I selected an animal design with a pastel blue background. Didn’t have quite enough to use as a single piece so I thought of using the pastel blue gray and alternate the two, thereby, making stripes.

Reverse Side

Reverse Side

I think it turned out okay.

A medium weight batting was used. I hand basted all three layers so I could add simple straight stitching lines as part of the quilting process.

Both Sides

Both Sides

Here you can see both layers.

To finish it off I added a bright yellow bias trim. All basting stitches were removed, the finished quilt ironed, folded up and now stored. This one will be a donated item. Not sure if it is headed for Project Linus or to a school fundraising bazaar.

Crewel Pillow

Floral Bouquet

Floral Bouquet

While trying to re-organize my sewing room and going through several drawers, I stumbled across an unfinished embroidery project. It was a Crewel Embroidery Kit entitled, “Bright Brocade Pillow.”

I don’t remember why I put it aside, but, this is where I left off.

Partially Done Design

Partially Done Design

It took me a week to complete all of the embroidery.

Embroidery Stage Completed

Embroidery Stage Completed

To finish the pillow, I used a 14 by 14 inch pillow form. Vowing not to buy anything new for this project, I used a 7-inch zipper from my zipper stash. I serged all raw edges. Sewed the zipper in and then the sides and inserted the pillow form.

Pillow Delight

Orange Brillance

Floral Delight

Now, I can scratch off one more item from my to-do list. Another unfinished project bites the dust.

January 2013 Reading Log

While visiting my daughters in St. Louis, I stumbled across The Bartered Bride Collection.



This book is a compilation of nine historical romances under the context of arranged marriages or contract marriages.  As each story unravels, you find yourself submerged in the plight of each woman and how she survives what destiny has placed in her path.  Settings are varied and span from the Mississippi’s swamplands, along the Oregon Trail, and to the Rocky Mountain foothills.  Each story allows you to go back in time and experience what life must have been like.  You actually get a feel for what it was like to life in a wagon (the narrowness, the limited space).  You also experience the hardships they encountered as they traveled on toward new lands and homes.

The nine stories are:

Joie De Vivre                                                  by Lynette Sowell

Button String Bride                                        by Cathy Marie Hake

The Wedding Wagon                                      by Cathy Marie Hake

From Halter to Altar                                       by Cathy Marie Hake

From Carriage to Marriage                              by Janelle Burnham Schneider

From Pride to Bride                                        by JoAnn A. Grote

From Alarming to Charming                           by Pamela Kaye Tracy

A Vow Unbroken                                           b Amy Rognlie

Finishing Touches                                           by Kelly Eileen Hake