Pineapple Surprise

First project in 2013 is taking form. Decided I wanted to do a quilted square, in particular, a Hawaiian quilting square. The applique is that of a pineapple–the universal sign for welcome. This project is i an intermediate phase. What will this square morph into?

finished square

Initial phase was to applique the pineapple motif to the cream square. Then I used a running stitch around the outside edge of the pineapple.

pineapple square

Below is the step in which the cream background is quilted.
pineapple square 1

Now, that the square is completed I need to decide what the final outcome should be. Will it be a potholder? Will it be a sachet? Will it multiply and become a quilt? Time will tell…

2/4/13–This one square is multiplying into others. The applique pattern seems to be morphing into other forms. Will it be a menagerie. Little kits were generated, stored in individual bags, and are ready for on the road trip type of work. More will come by April 2013.


Hawaiian Applique Quilted Pin Cushions

Hawaiian Applique Quilted Pin Cushions

Finally, finished all of the appliquing and quilting of these pin cushions. Assembled them using a 1/4 inch stitch, filled them with crushed walnut shells, and hand stitched them closed. I think these will make nice gifts.


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