Christmas Decorations

The Holiday Season is here.  Everyone is busy getting ready.  Christmas orders completed and picked up.  Now, it is time to trim the house.  Theme this year is simple.  No matter how hard I try I cannot shed the eclectic look.  So I will combine the two  The guest room was my first stop.  Blue and silver are the dominant colors.  Using my sewing talent I spruced up slate blue bath towels.Snowflakes abound  To get a better view of the Christmassy trim, here is a view of a matching handtowel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Now you can see the snowflakes.  A silver grosgrain ribbon adds to the emblishment.

To add some whimsy, I decided to make a cover for that extra roll of toilet tissue.  Snowflake polyester cotton fabric was used for the top of the  cover. A solid blue fabric with the same border as the towels were added.        Spruced up Toilet Tissue CoverA silver and blue floral arrangement sits on the ceramic counter above the tub.  Here is a close up.         Silver & Blue Flora  You really can not see the blue so let’ stand back and take another shot.  Here we go …  A Touch of Elegance  Now that looks better.

I’ve enjoyed sprucing up our guest bathroom for all to enjoy.


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