New Project

Since my hubby and I have retired we have started traveling a little more.  But, no matter where I travel, I’ve come to realize that I end up packing more shoes than my hubby.  Maybe that’s a girl thing.  I am tired of using plastic bags to separate them from my clothes.  So, I whipped up fabric shoe bags.  The first one I made was lined.    This shoe bag is perfect for a pair of female shoes  I started off with a rectangular piece of fabric measuring 12″ by 16″.  I finished each edge (surged) and used a 1/4″ seam.  To close the top opening, I tried using elastic, but, did not like it so I substituted with a fabric drawstring.  See …    What you see is the bias tape that I opened up to make a casing.  Then cut and sewed a 16″ piece of bias tape for my draw string.  Prior to sewing the casing on, I made a buttonhole and that is how I inserted the drawstring.             Here is the finished product.  A pair of walking shoes fits very nicely in it.  So does a pair of my athletic shoes.

In essences, I used less that 1/2 yds of fabric.  In total, it was a little more than 3/4 yd for both the lining and the outer layer.  I’m not sure that these shoe bags need to be lined.  If the original fabric is a cotton polyester or a twill then I do not see the need to line.  Thinner fabrics, of course, would need the stability of a lining.

I will have to make it a bit larger (wider) to accommodate a pair of men’s athletic shoes.



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