Christmas Comes Early

Bagful of Possibilities  Last week a dear friend of my dropped by for a visit.  She presented me with a shopping bag full of fabric.  This assortment of fabric came in various sizes, prints, colors, and textures.  It was such a delight.  Now, to go through the bag and sort this new stash.  I’m thinking I will take the larger pieces and finish off the edges (surge them) and then put them through the wash cycle.  Then I can measure them and put them away in ziplog bags with the necessary information printed on each bag.

Anticipation of future projects.  I can use the smaller pieces to make shoe bags to give away.  These will come in handy for those who love to travel.  What a neat way to keep their shoes from dirtying the clothes.  No more plastic bags.  Fabric shoe bags are washable.  Hope they will like it.

I guess I can start creating more blankets for Project Linus or to add to my gift box.  Always looking for nifty projects that will help me to deplete my fabric stash.

It is so nice to have friends who appreciate one’s sewing abilities and encourage one’s creativity.

Thank you dear friend.


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