Touch of Elegance

Navy Blue Heart

Floral Elegance

Refashioning a short-sleeved cotton t-shirt is always a challenge.  Using silk ribbon embroidery is a way of adding a  touch of floral elegance that enhances this 100% cotton Navy blue T-shirt. Start with creating a heart-shaped outline.  Use orange (2mm)  and peach(4mm)  ribbon for the  outlining. The outline has a clusters of french knots that alternates with the peach running stitch.   Then add a floral bouquet of yellow daisies and pink roses.    Add a spattering of green leaves.   Here is a close up of the heart motiff.  .  The yellow daisies has orange french knot centers.  The oft pink roses were done in a stem stitch.

So what does the t-shirt look like from a side view.  Here it is…

Right side view details the

floral heart and short sleeves.

Well the side view, shows off the embroidered emblishment, but, now for a frontal view.

Heart of Flowers


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