Teal Steal

Refashioning is alway a great way to challenge your creativity.  What better project can a woman ask for that to start off with an empty canvas (a plain cotton t-shirt) and find a way to make it more feminine.  Using Victorian Embroidery as an inspiration, helps with this challenge.  Victorian embroidery using silk ribbon is a rewarding experience at embellishing.  Want a look at the finish product–well, here goes—Victorian Touches  Now, isn’t this better than a simple t-shirt.  Now for some side views…  the left side —

Left view highlighting the embroidered motifs and short sleeves.

Now for the right side ——-

Right view

But for the finale, how about a close up of the sprig of blooms.  Floral SprigNow, doesn’t that make this top more feminine.



Touch of Elegance

Navy Blue Heart

Floral Elegance

Refashioning a short-sleeved cotton t-shirt is always a challenge.  Using silk ribbon embroidery is a way of adding a  touch of floral elegance that enhances this 100% cotton Navy blue T-shirt. Start with creating a heart-shaped outline.  Use orange (2mm)  and peach(4mm)  ribbon for the  outlining. The outline has a clusters of french knots that alternates with the peach running stitch.   Then add a floral bouquet of yellow daisies and pink roses.    Add a spattering of green leaves.   Here is a close up of the heart motiff.  .  The yellow daisies has orange french knot centers.  The oft pink roses were done in a stem stitch.

So what does the t-shirt look like from a side view.  Here it is…

Right side view details the

floral heart and short sleeves.

Well the side view, shows off the embroidered emblishment, but, now for a frontal view.

Heart of Flowers

Splash of Hawaiian Night Towels

This next project falls undert the category of Home Decor.  If you are in need of a great hostess gift, then this towel set is the perfect choice.This towel set includes two bathtowels and one hand towel.      The white cotton towels are 100% cotton and 100% Algodon which make them soft. Each bathtowel measures 42″ x 26″.  The Midnight Blue Hawaiian Print trim measures 3 inches wide on the bath towels.  The handtowel measures 26″ by 16″ and the Midnight Blue Hawaiian Print trim is 2 1/4″ wide.

    This is what one towel looks like.  Then again, here is another angle of the pair of bathtowels.                                                             Front view captures the balance between the white towel and the brilliant blues of the trim.

Lastly, here is a picture of the handtowel.  As you can see the trim matches, however, the size was reduced proportionally to match the handtowel size.  This hostess set will be on sale in my Etsy store.  Check it out at http://www.etsy.com/Redbamsews

Royal Sparkling Neck Warmer

  Worked on this knit project using a size 8 knitting needle and worked in a seed stitch. I used Caron Simply Soft Party yarn.  I used two 3 oz skeins.  Each skein has approximately 164 yards of yarn.  The finished piece measures 38″ by 10″.  I did not quite follow the directions on the pamplet I got from JoAnn’s Fabric Stores.    When I folded it for my picture, I folded it in half instead of off-centered as in the pamphlet photo.  I used a tortise pin to secure it.  I think my project resembles the one in the pamphlet, don’t you.  Here’s a close up of the finished project   showing off the stitch texture and the tortise shell pin.

Spring Delight!

Worked on another blouse.  This one was worked on a different type of t-shirt.  The embroidery stitches used in this one is the spider-web rose (large hot pink flowers), ribbon stitch (yellow flowers), colonial knots and the running stitch (pink, purple and lavendar flowers).  This was a nice dress up to a simple t-shirt.

Here’s a closeup of the embroidery stitches. 

Well, its time to think up another silk embroidery project.  I have until next Tuesday’s class to  come up with another design.  I’m thinking of putting some of these projects on my Etsy store.  Will let you know when they’ve been added.

Spring Blooms

Idle hands…not something they will find me guilty of.  Finished another silk ribbon embroidery project.  This one is a spring bouquet.  The larger pink blooms were done using the ribbon stitch.  Running stitches and colonial knots were used to construct the purple flowers as well as the yellow ones.  Ribbon stitches were used to create the green leaves and a scatterig of yellow french knots added the finishing touches.


This blouse was a joy to work on.  Each time I complete a project, I realize that it is never a carbon copy of the original pattern.  I seem to individualize each project.  Doing so, just enhances to my sense of satisfaction.

Creating a Whimsical Thread Catcher

Getting back into the swing of sewing, I needed to set up my second serger (my singer serger).  My intent was to have one threaded with dark thread and the other with white.  Currently, I have the two sergers threaded in white.  Originally, my first love (my BabyLock serger) was going to be the white one and the new Singer serger would be threaded in black.  I’ve since change my mind and will thread the BabyLock in black.

After setting up the work stations, I realized that I needed to have a thread catcher for the Singer serger.  I did not want to wait until I got to the fabric store, so I decided to be creative.  Scanning through my scraps stash, I found a cute piece.  Using the Singer serger, I whipped this whimsical thread catcher.

Being creative with fabric scraps

Do you like it?

Scotties Abound!

Completed another sewing projects–a quilted flannel blanket.  Scotties abound in a sea of pink.  The backing is a simple pink gingham

Scotties in a pink sea.

I quilted two pieces of flannel together, serged the edges, and then crocheted a shell border.  I was able to crochet the edging in one evening.

Pink cotton crochet shell edging.

The end product is a lightweight flannel blanket.  The edging makes it quite charming.


Little Girl’s Top

Wanted to see what a little girl’s top would like like using Silk Ribbon Embroidery.  The other clothing items I’ve worked on have been for women.  I was curious to see how it would feel working on something of a smaller scale.  So, I came up with this little experiment.

100% Girl

Because this style of shirt had gathers at the bottom of the V neckline, I added an applique.  Then I embroidered a scallop trip using Egyptian DMC thread.  Lastly, I alternated lavender and light pink spider-web roses.

Hoping the little angel I made this for likes it.


Sailboat Quilt

Going into my fabric stash, I came upon this panel for a baby boy’s quilt.  I added batting and a mint green (solid) flannel backing.  Top-stitched around the sailboat.  Also, top-stitched around the yellow rectangle so as to create a picture framing effect that the sailboat in.  Finished this quilt with a slate blue bias binding using a zig-zag stitch.  This was a fun project.

A little sailboat for a little captain

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