Grocery Tote

Wanted an easy project to make last weekend that was totally different from anything I’ve done lately.  So, using #16 weight twisted cotton wrapping twine (light load 2 lb. limit) I crocheted a grocery tote.  The tote measures about 18 inches in height.  It is very light weight.  Stitches used include single crochet and chain.

Pair of crocheted grocery totes.           One bag took 3 hours to make.  It was quick and easy.

Decorating for Easter

Edges           All of the St. Patrick’s Day decorations are put away.  Now, its time to decorate for Easter.  Found an adorable piece of fabric that is suitable for Easter (pastel colors).  Print is Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.  Used 4 yards of white eyelet w/ pink ribbon laced through the eyelet to add to the edges.  Lined it with a hot pink fabric with lavendar baby butterflies.  What better print is there announcing Spring.

Once the table runner was sewed together, all I needed was the Easter brick-a-brack and Presto! Instant Easter decorations.

Easter Bunnies                     Winnie the Pooh Table Runner         

St. Patrick’s Day Table Runner

I wanted to spruce up the living room for St. Patrick’s Day and accomplished this with the sewing of a table runner.  Found myself a nifty piece of fabric with Irish Quotations scattered on it.        

Looked through my fabric stash for a coordinating piece of fabric, a pale mint green, for the lining.


Sewed the two pieces together, pressed and top-stitched it and my table runner was completed.  Added two leprechauns and a green vase to complete the look.  Now, I’m ready for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Another view of the runner.          

Start of Another Project

Another knitting project is underway.  This one is a wrap (shawl) for me.  Using Lion’s Brand Yarn (Homespun) Creme color and Size 15 needles.   Not sure how long I want the wrap to be so I will work until I reach the desired length.  This is what it looks like in progress.

  This is a close up so you can see the garter stitch.  The simplicity of the stitch, the weight of the yarn and the large needle lends itself to a textured ; but, soft to the touch piece.    

So here is the finished project. 


Dressy Scarf

I’ve finished my dressy metallic copper scarf.  This one is for me.  Here I am with my scarf.    This picture gives you an idea of what the scarf looks like, however, it does not give the credit to the color.  So, to detail the color, take a look at these close ups.            Paired this scarf with an ivory knit blouse and a persimmon cardigan.  Wore it to our church services and received several compliments.