Experiment With Fabric Knitting

A while ago, I decided to experiment with fabric strip knitting.  Using a 13 knitting needle and using a stockinette stitch, I just started knitting what would serve as a piece of fabric.  Once I reached the disired length of about 21 inches I put the piece aside.  Now, sparked by my de-cluttering journey, I resurrected the piece and began the assembly of a small bag.    This is the finished product.  Keep in mind that it may look crooked but it is not.  I have it suspended from a hanger that is perched on one of the slots in the closet door.  Hence, the off tilt of the top of the bag.

The following are pictures of the assembly process.

Close up of knitted piece


Now, I just assembled the pieces.  Laying the paisley on the knitted piece (right sides together), I stitched a narrow seam leaving a two inch opening.  Then I turned the piece around and ironed it to lay flat.  A narrow top stitching was added and then I folded up the bottom to the desired length and stitched the side edges being careful to reinforce the ends.  On the interior, I added a small patch pocket

  The finishing touch was the adding of the blue cord straps and the silver button.



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