Mission Not Impossible! The Search for Elastic.

In de-clutterinng and reorganizing my sewing room, I’ve misplaced my stash of elastic.  Hunted high and low in every new space and cannot locate my pale blue plastic container with all of my elastic.  No harm, it’s a quick trip to our local Walmart to get the size I need.

My world was almost obliterated when I got to Walmart’s sewing section and I could find the little packages of elastic.  A girl with a mission does not get daunted.  Combed every shelf in the area and then in the corner, there it was!  A couple of pre-packaged 1/4 inch wide elastic.  Scooped them both up and off I went.  With everything in place, I can now begin.  Turn on the CDs and Happy Sunday Sewing!


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  1. redbamsews
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 12:58:27

    So, I started sewing my tube container for plastic grocery bags and opened the new elastic I purchased. After finishing the first tube and working on the second, I looked up on to the shelves above my head and spotted one of those plastic shoe boxes. Peeping out from the corner looked like a roll of elastic. Got the box down and there they were–my stash of elastic. Knew I’d find them. Made me laugh out loud because I looked there and totally missed it.


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