Needle Escapades–Dressy Scarf

Started another knitting project.  This one is for me that I can use an accessory.  Selected a Lion Yarn product–Vanna’s Glamour–Copper color (metallic).  Pattern is a simple garter stitch.  Needle selection US #2.  Metallic Copper Scarf  Scarf measures 3.5 inches in width (23 stitches).

Experiment With Fabric Knitting

A while ago, I decided to experiment with fabric strip knitting.  Using a 13 knitting needle and using a stockinette stitch, I just started knitting what would serve as a piece of fabric.  Once I reached the disired length of about 21 inches I put the piece aside.  Now, sparked by my de-cluttering journey, I resurrected the piece and began the assembly of a small bag.    This is the finished product.  Keep in mind that it may look crooked but it is not.  I have it suspended from a hanger that is perched on one of the slots in the closet door.  Hence, the off tilt of the top of the bag.

The following are pictures of the assembly process.

Close up of knitted piece


Now, I just assembled the pieces.  Laying the paisley on the knitted piece (right sides together), I stitched a narrow seam leaving a two inch opening.  Then I turned the piece around and ironed it to lay flat.  A narrow top stitching was added and then I folded up the bottom to the desired length and stitched the side edges being careful to reinforce the ends.  On the interior, I added a small patch pocket

  The finishing touch was the adding of the blue cord straps and the silver button.


Embroidered Kitty Pillow

Working on my to-do list projects and got to this Kitty Pillow square.    This square was a left over square from a quilt I had put together.  It was a bit too small for my liking so I added a two-inch red gingham border.  Here’s what it looked like with the border.     Front panel of pillow now ready.  Pillow form that will be used measures 14 inch by 14 inch.  Cut out a black square of same size.  Added a zipper to one side for easy removal when pillow needs laundering.  Once zipper was install I sewed all the edges, pressed, turned and here’s the fiished product.    Now, this pillow is looking for a home.

Salute to President’s Day

Wanted to get festive with the tablescape for President’s Day.  I lined two runners with red fabric.  Each runner measures about 21 inches wide by 45 inches in length.  I topstitched the finished product.

I was able to use it at a work meeting for our refreshment table.  One of my co-workers brought a red table cloth that covered the table and we placed the runners horizontally an equal distance apart.    I later used one on my coffee table and the other will be used on our dining table.

Grocery Bag Holders

Well, today was a productive day.  Got several grocery bag holdersawhile ago.  I keep it in my sewing room so I have bags handy when getting my projects ready to transport.

Here are the the ones I created today                        .    I used fat quarters to make this one.  The materials is a whimsical print of green frogs on a background of a yellow green.

I then had a couple of gingham fat quarters that I decided to use.  To dress these up I used contrasting bias tape.  On the pumpkin gingham I opened up the bias tape to make a wide band.    Using the same idea but adding a twist, I used raspberry bias tape, but kept it folded.  I then added a piece of burgundy braid. 

Looking for a different style, I hunted through my scrap bin and found this brown an green Hawaiian print.

Each of these holders finished measurements are:  16 inches wide by 21 inches long. I used 1/4 inch elastic for the top and bottom closures.  The little hanging loop is about 8 inches long by 3/4 inches wide.  These are quick to assemble and fun to make.

2/18/12–Got up early and started sewing the rest of the bag holders.  Here are the ones I finished today.


Now, I can call my friend to come and get her order.  These were quick and easy to make.  It took me approximately 15 minutes to complete one bag holder from cutting to sewing.

Mission Not Impossible! The Search for Elastic.

In de-clutterinng and reorganizing my sewing room, I’ve misplaced my stash of elastic.  Hunted high and low in every new space and cannot locate my pale blue plastic container with all of my elastic.  No harm, it’s a quick trip to our local Walmart to get the size I need.

My world was almost obliterated when I got to Walmart’s sewing section and I could find the little packages of elastic.  A girl with a mission does not get daunted.  Combed every shelf in the area and then in the corner, there it was!  A couple of pre-packaged 1/4 inch wide elastic.  Scooped them both up and off I went.  With everything in place, I can now begin.  Turn on the CDs and Happy Sunday Sewing!

Getting Ready For My Next Sewing Project.

  Started my next project.  My girlfriend ordered 15 recycled grocery bag holders.  Started cutting a few out.  Got them lined up by my serger and the sewing machine set up.  Oooops!  No 1/4 inch elastic in stash.  Must make a quick trip to the store.  Happy Sewing.  Pics to follow.